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With so many removal services websites, it is hard to tell which one will really help you find a moving company that can be trusted and that is not very expensive. Using Book A Mover is free and you do not need to choose any of the movers we will connect you with. Get all quotes, compare and decide if you want to proceed with any or not.

“Very quick and easy to navigate. I had couple of prices sent within 2 hours. I would use it again if need removals”

Jessica, Trustpilot


“Simple, user-friendly, and trustworthy. Made my move stress-free. Highly recommend!”

Gregory, Google


“Really good experience. Not too much phone calls. All companies were quick and very professional.”

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Why Compare Moving Companies?

Comparing moving companies ensures you receive the most cost-effective service for your budget.

Different companies may offer varying services like packing the boxes, dismantling the furniture or storage.

It will help you to identify moving companies which answer quickly and have a genuine desire to help.

Comparing can reveal hidden fees or costs not immediately obvious like stairs charge and waiting times.

How To Save Money While Using Movers?

The average moving cost in the UK using a removal company is £595. The final price is a mix of many factors like property size, services you will choose and transport distance. But moving doesn`t have to be expensive. There are many things you can do to lower the final removal price you will need to pay.

Which day is less busy to use the moving company?

Most moving companies are typically busy on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Sometimes if the end of the month is Monday or Tuesday these days could also become busy. If you want to lower the final moving cost of your move, try to move when the moving companies are not busy. To book you in they will be willing to lower the price.

With choosing a less busy day or season, there are other things that can be done before the removal day to lower the price.

Pack all clothes and books – If you want you can leave all fragile items to the movers, while you can pack the non-fragile ones. To save more, grab some second-hand boxes from the local shops or maybe some heavy-duty bags. Once it is all packed, don`t forget to label each box. It will be easier and quicker to unpack.

Declutter or sell unwanted items – One of the most important factors when calculating the removal price by the moving companies is the volume of your belongings. So it is logical to say the less you move, the cheaper it will cost. Before you move, take some time to declutter your home and get rid of any unwanted items. You can sell unwanted items online or at a garage sale to earn some extra cash to put toward your moving expenses.

Dismantle the large furniture – If you have skills, tools, and time, you can do the dismantling and reassembling of the big items by yourself or with help from family and friends. Book A Mover team strongly suggests leaving this daunting task to the removal men or handyman, but if your budget is too tight, doing it yourself will save lots of money as this is a time-consuming job.

Have a plan – make an inventory list and have a plan of where all the furniture and boxes will go at the new place. The removal men will place all items into their relevant rooms and if they are not guided properly this will delay the removal process.

Use comparison services like Book A Mover – Choosing the first company you find might not give you a clear picture of the current prices. Comparing quotes will give you a price range, which can tell you if the budget you have in mind is accurate. The best way to lower the price is to ask the company with the highest quote to give you a lower price by telling them the prices you got from the other companies. You will be surprised how easily you can lower the price by minimum 20%.

UK Biggest Moving Hubs

If you believe dealing with multiple moving firms is not for you, you can choose a specific company listed in our city directories and contact them directly. You can always contact a second company and check if the pricing is realistic.

London removals

There are over 8000 removal firms in London alone. It will take a long time to find a removal company that suits your needs without using our removals comparison service. Hiring London movers doesn`t have to be difficult…

Birmingham removals

With a population of over 1 million residents, this city has everything you need – job opportunities, vibrant city life and lots of cultural and sports events. Finding a local Birmingham removal company is easy when using Book A Mover…

Manchester removals

If you live in Manchester and you need help with packing up your belongings and transporting the big furniture, find a local Manchester removal company. Submit your removal request through us and get up to 6 removal quotes to compare…

Glasgow removals

Compare Glasgow removal companies and save up to 30% off your next move with Book A Mover. If you would like to move to Andy Murray`s hometown, hire local movers that have the knowledge…

Cardiff removals

Cardiff removal companies come in different sizes. With Book A Mover you can compare man and van services or large relocation firms to fit your budget and needs…

Edinburgh removals

Get up to six free quotes from trusted Edinburgh removal companies. You can add extra services like packing the boxes, storing your items and even clearing unwanted items before you move.

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