Find out who we are and what are the main goals and principles of Book A Mover.

Welcome to Book A Mover – your first step to a seamless moving experience!


Founded by Michael Wright, Book A Mover emerged from the dream of a man who has passionately spent over 15 years in the house removal industry. Starting his journey with man-and-van services, Michael quickly recognized the intricacies of the moving process and the emotional weight it holds for families. His countless interactions with customers not only made him an expert in the logistical aspect of the trade but also instilled in him the drive to make house moving a pleasant and hassle-free experience for all involved.

However Michael’s understanding of family dynamics extends beyond his professional life. As a devoted husband and proud father of two wonderful children, he knows the importance of making transitions smooth for families. Michael believes that every household item has its own tale, and relocating is not just about moving things, but also about transitioning cherished memories from one place to another.

His vision for Book A Mover is clear: to provide unparalleled service that puts the client’s peace of mind at the forefront. Michael’s passion stems from his genuine desire to assist families during one of the most significant transitions in their lives. He understands the mix of excitement, nostalgia, stress, and hope that comes with moving to a new home.

Over the years, Michael’s core values of reliability, integrity, and outstanding service have remained unchanged. Through Book A Mover, he and his team aim to eliminate the anxieties associated with moving, ensuring every client feels supported and valued.

Thank you for considering Book A Mover for your relocation needs. Let us be a part of your next chapter, ensuring a move that’s as smooth and memorable as the stories you’ll create in your new home.


Introducing Bianka, the dynamic force behind Book A Mover‘s stellar digital content and an advocate for impeccable customer service!

Joining our team just a year ago, Bianka has already made a significant impact, bringing a fresh wave of innovation and creativity to our digital presence. Her journey with us has been marked by her unwavering commitment to ensuring that our clients are not only informed but also engaged and supported throughout their moving experience.

Bianka’s passion for digital content creation began at London Metropolitan University, where she graduated in 2017. Since then, she has donned multiple hats, always aiming to bridge the gap between brands and their audiences through meaningful content. Her unique blend of creativity, academic grounding, and real-world experience makes her an invaluable asset to our team.

Beyond her knack for creating compelling content, Bianka shines in her interactions with our clients. She understands that behind every query, feedback, or testimonial is a person seeking assistance or looking to share their story. With her at the helm of customer service relations, clients can expect genuine interactions, quick resolutions, and a partner who truly listens.

At Book A Mover, while we are immensely proud of the services we offer, we’re equally proud of the team that stands behind our brand. And Bianka, with her expertise and dedication, embodies the ethos we hold dear: commitment to excellence and an unwavering focus on client satisfaction.

When not busy crafting engaging content or assisting our valued clients, Bianka can be found exploring the latest trends in digital media and brainstorming new ways to enhance our online presence. We’re excited for you to experience the touch of excellence she brings to Book A Mover.