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Finding trusted Richmond TW9 removal company has never been easier. Bookamover  is an online removals comparison website. By submitting your moving request, we will connect you with five local Richmond removal firms. All TW9 relocation companies will contact you via phone or email, as they might need more information to create as accurate as possible moving quotation. Some, if not all, movers might also offer a Free Home or Office Visit, if you property is big or additional moving services are required, like packing or storage. After you get all moving quotes  and prices, compare each offer and try to negotiate lower price with your preferred choice, if it is not the lowest price. Depending on the required moving date or, if the moving firm is willing to negotiate the price, you can save up to 30% to 40% off your moving cost simply by comparing moving prices and home moving companies. Book A Mover advice you to respect the removal companies, as moving home or office is not that easy as you might think. It takes experience in moving heavy furniture, logistics, packing of fragile items and taking furniture apart. Going too low or choosing the lowest price, might get you a cheap service at first, but the most expensive after you find your expensive TV or cabinet damaged. Always get a confirmation and a copy of the removal company ‘’Goods in Transit ‘’ insurance and submit your inventory list before the moving day. It is also a good idea to get independent insurance or use your home insurance ( if it is included ) in case something happen and the moving company do not agree and do not want to cover any damages.

Get an advice from the chosen TW10 removals if you need to suspend parking at both properties or they will do it for you. If a suspension is needed, you can find more information here. Navigating through Richmond and the surrounding areas is also tricky, so we always advice to choose a local moving company. They will know the pitfalls of the area and all quickest ways to get out of any unnecessary delays.

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How much will cost hiring Richmond removals?


 Depending on the size of your property and services required, prices will be significally different. Other factors, which can contribute to the price are – distance, moving date and waiting times, stairs or lift, complicated items to be taken apart, packing service etc.

To save from your moving budget before the Richmond removal company arrive, Bookamover advise you to do a few things here and there to save some money – try to declutter your home as much as possible, block parking spaces in front of your property, pack the boxes to be ready or even dismantle the bulky furniture. It is also important you give plenty of time to the removal company, as last minute booking will probably cost you more. It is also very likely your prefered Richmond moving company to be fully booked, so you will have to look elsewhere. Bookamover has prepared some guidance below with moving cost estimate depending on the property size:

1 Bedroom property

2 Bedrooms property

3 Bedrooms property

Extra Moving Services Richmond TW9


Packing of the removal boxes – All removal experts will have the knowledge and experience to pack your expensive china and glassware. They usually provide professional removal boxes and materials. For your hanging clothes they should have wardrobe boxes with rails, so they don`t fold them. Or for your wine bottles they will have specially designed bottle boxes. They are quite handy for removals and can be used for cups, uttensils and other small items. While packing the moving company representatives will know not to make the box overweight, as they boxes will be hard to be stacked and moved after. Make sure they always mark and sign the boxes with breakables there are fragile items inside. Long established removal companies in Richmond will supply already printed boxes with fragile sign on them or they can use a tape stamped with ‘fragiled items ‘ red and white signs on it.

Dismantling and Reassembling of furniture – All removal companies have the necessary tools to take the bulky furniture apart to get it through tight corridors and doors. Why not using their services. We at Bookamover know how complicated and time consuming is to take a big sliding doors wardrobe or bunk bed set apart. How about the big trampoline outside, which it took you 4-5 hours to assemble it in the past? If you have the budget, give this daunting task to the movers. You will never regret paying for dismantling service if it is done correct.

Piano Removals –  Pianos are heavy and require skills and experience. Ask your moving company, if they can do it. Most of the Richmond moving firms have the right tools and experience to move upright or grand pianos. It also require manpower, so a man and a van service is definately not the right choice for this type of move. The movers might need to come and assess your property before doing the actual move. The entrance and the condition of the piano might need to be inspected, so they can make a plan for the moving day. On the moving day, all removable parts on the piano must be removed and protected. If the piano is a grand or baby grand, the pedals and the legs must be taken off. Professional movers use a special piano slate, on which the piano will be secured for a smooth loading and offloading. To move a piano most of the times, it takes more time for preparations than the actual move.

Using Man And Van Service


If your move is very local or the number of furniture and boxes are not much, you can always get a local man and van service in TW9 or TW10 area. Man and Van companies are usually slightly cheaper and they are usually very flexible. Your go to option for moving a single item should be always a Richmond man and a van firm. Most of the times the job will be done by the owner himself. Same as any other service- always check if the company has a good online presence and removal reviews.

Richmond Storage Companies…


If you are moving to a furnished property in Richmond, but want it unfurnished you can get a local storage unit and ask the movers to empty the property for you. Some of the moving companies in TW9 or TW10 area have their own storage facilities, so it can be quite cheaper going with moving and storage option combined. Bookamover advice always to ask if the moving company offer a discount for the removals if you are using their storage. Most of the times you will be suprised how much you can save by simply asking for a dicount.

Richmond TW10 Rubbish Centre… 

Townmead Recycling Center is the official Richmond place where you can get rid of rubbish and unwanted furniture. You can get a rubbish company through Bookamover. More information regarding the recycling centre here.

On the other hand if you have a car, you can always declutter your home before the moving day. If the movers need to move less, they will charge less money. Getting rid of unwanted items is recommended before moving home.

Richmond Removal Boxes…


Get quality removal boxes from your local storage or removal company. If you want to go freee, you can collect used boxes from your local shops. We advice for your books and breakables boxes to be minimum double walled. Double-walled removal boxes are easy to stack and safe to move and protect your belongings. They come in different sizes, but most common ones are 18”x 18”x 18” and 18”x 12”x 12”. Ask your chosen moving company first as they might give you boxes to prepare for free.

Best Moving Tips…


  Ask the removal company to help and suspend parking

  Removals must use padded blankets for protection

  Ask the movers to cover your floors and carpets

  When packing boxes, movers must label them

  Ask for wardrobe boxes to pack your hanging clothes

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