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Become a featured removals company and earn more jobs and money. More visibility and exposure is your best chance to increase your sales.



Become a featured removals company and earn more jobs and money. More visibility and exposure is your best chance to increase your sales.


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Are you moving soon? Looking for local Wimbledon movers? Bookamover is the quickest way to find a trusted removal company. By comparing moving quotes you can get the best moving price and save up to 40% off your moving cost. A local SW19 removal company will have the knowledge and experience in moving within Wimbledon – being heavy traffic or difficult to find parking spaces they will handle it.
Wimbledon is situated in South West London and borders Kingston and Sutton. There is an underground connection with inner London and you can also get to central London by rail, buses and by car.

Choose your moving company carefully. Size matters when moving! If you are moving out of a larger property price is not your first priority. Get an experienced Wimbledon removals firm to organize it. A bigger and long established company will have bigger vehicles, more staff, better training and flexibility. It is very important the chosen company to have the correct volume size of your belongings. If they arrive with a smaller van, not suitable for your move, and you have to vacate the property by certain time, you will end up paying uneccessary bills. Eventually the removal company might also try to charge extra for coming back or sending another vehicle. This is why it is very important to schedule a home visit with removal company representative. Getting a couple of quotes is also another way of getting the volume and price right.

How much Wimbledon movers will charge?


Getting a removal price is probably the main reason you will be using a comparison website like Book A Mover. Once we receive your information, it will be sent to the best local SW19 moving contractors. Their final moving quote will depend on many factors- size of your current property, services requested, distance, moving date and many more. If you are moving out of a bigger than 2 bedrooms property, always ask for a home survey and final flat rate moving price. For small local Wimbledon moves, an hourly rate and a man and van service can be a good option. The more the removal company has to do and the further they have to travel, the more expensive will be your move. International relocations are probably the most expensive ones, as they have additional costs like ferrys and duty taxes in certain countries. To stay within a certain moving budget, try to do as much as you can by yourself or with a help of friends and family. Try to clear some old furniture, clothes and unwanted items. Pack all clothes, books and soft items into boxes or bags. You can also try to take some or all furniture apart before the movers arrive. Using a moving company for your next move can be expensive, but it is worth it- it will be much much easier than doing it yourself with a rental van. Below are some rough cost estimates based on the size of the property:

1 Bedroom property

2 Bedrooms property

3 Bedrooms property

Extra Moving Services In Wimbledon


Packing or Unpacking Services – Before the moving actually happen, it will be really helpful all small items like clothes, dishes and books to be packed into removal boxes or containers. Probably the worst option will be using plastic bags- they can be ripped very easily and are not designed for home moving. When submitting your removal request choose the option including packing service, so all moving companies can quote you for packing of the boxes or providing packing materials. You do not have to use a removals company to do the packing, but Book A Mover strongly advice you to use a Wimbledon moving experts to pack the breakable items at least. They will bring packing paper, bubble wrap, foam cuts and will wrap all dishes and cups carefully, ready for a safe transit to your new home. All movers serving Wimbledon SW19 area offer packing services, but prices can be slightly different. If you choose to use the removal`s company packing services, always check if they are labeling the boxes, so you can find easily everything at your new property.
Dismantle and Reassemble of furniture – Most of the furniture probably will come out of the property as it is, but there are certain big items like big bed or big table, which will require to be taken apart by the Wimbledon movers or yourself in order to come out of the property. Moving big heavy furniture through narrow corridors or stairs is difficult enough, so it is always better the big items to be dismantled. Once you have 2 or 3 of the best movers ask them to check and price their help with dimantling and reassembing of the furniture. The moving team sent, should have all neccessary tools to disconnect the big pieces- these are usually screwdrivers, hex keys and spanners. Some companies also use dedicated handyman or a third party company if this is a specialist job. In case you ant to do it yourself, ask your chosen removals company which furniture they want you to take it apart, so you don`t have to waste your time on furniture, which do not need dismantling.
Piano moves Wimbledon – Moving a piano is difficult and you need an expert to do it. Pianoes are heavy and same time delicate. It will need special protection and tools to get it out of your old home and delivered to your new property without making damages or even completely ruin it. Sometimes this job can get more complicated. Some pianoes will not go through the stairs or the door, so they will have to go through a window or a balcony. Not all removal companies will do this, but if your chosen moving experts firm is good and experienced, they must have third party subcontractors on their list to use in those circumstances. When moving with a large and heavy piano, it is always a good idea to get a home visit before you commit to a certain Wimbledon moving company. Planning and pricing are equally important, as the moving day will be stressful enough. You want your movers to be fully aware and prepared for the move. I am sure they will want exactly the same!

Wimbledon Storage Companies…


Get a local storage from companies like Big Yellow Storage or Shurgard Storage. Some of the moving companies in West London also provide storage on a very competitive rates, depending on the period you want to use it for. The price for the storage will depend on the size of the unit or container you will use and the duration. Some companies offer big discounts, if you have a fixed term storage instead of weekly roll-on system. If you will not need an access to your belongings while being stored, it will be cheaper to use a containerized type of storage. Make sure it is damp and weather proof tough. Unit type storages are usually newly build and well maintained, so if you have the money, get one from a reputable storage company.

Wimbledon Rubbish Centre… 

Get rid of your unnecessary furniture or rubish and take it to a local recycling centre in West London. You can use this one here. If the items are too big to fit into your car, you can get a man and van service through Bookamover. There are local Wimbledon rubbish recyling companies doing only rubbish collections. They are much cheaper as they will do couple of loads, before going to the dumping site. Ask your chosen movers if they can help and how much it will cost before comiting. The rubbish price depends on weight, but there might be items which can cost extra- typically fridges, mattresses and some equipment containing gas.

Wimbledon Removal Boxes…


Moving the small items will be quicker if you use boxes or moving containers. The cheapest way is to get some second-hand boxes from your local shops. Or maybe some black bin bags for your clothes at least. Try not to make the boxes or bags too heavy. The most expensive would be buying new heavy duty boxes online or direct from your Wimbledon movers. Buying boxes from the removals company you will use has a big benefit- they can give you a big discount if they can collect them after the move. When planning your move and moving budget, consider all options, but it is important to remember- cheapest move can cost more than a expensive fully comprehensive move. Damages to expensive and precious items and clothes will cost considerably more!

Best Moving Tips…


  Professional removal companies use branded vehicles

  Removals must use padded blankets for protection

  Get the movers to protect your floor and carpets

  When packing your clothes movers should use gloves

  Ask for wardrobe boxes to pack your hanging clothes

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