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Book Cheap Moving Company London


   Are you looking for a cheap removal company London? Book A Mover is the safest and fastest way to find a trusted moving firm in your area. Submit your moving request through our website and you will receive six moving quotes from cheap London moving firms. You will get a chance to compare removal prices and to book an affordable removal service at a lower price.

   All cheap London moving companies which will contact you need to know a few important details so they can provide an accurate moving quotation- property size, any floors and lifts, the distance between properties, walking distance from the entrance to where the removal van will park, time restriction, moving date and volume of your move.

   If your home is big we advise you to schedule a home survey with each potential removal company. This way you will avoid paying any unexpected extra costs and hidden charges on the removal day. Be honest and do not try to hide what needs moving, especially the loft and basement. It is very likely that the removal price will change if the removal men have to carry extra items or work extra hours because they were unaware.

   Book A Mover works with a wide range of reliable London removal companies that can offer prices to fit your budget. Once you submit your details- we will match you only with the best.

Watford Moving Costs


   The average moving house price in each part of Watford varies. Typically a one-bedroom property moves are around £250-£350, while a 2 bedroom property move can cost about £400-£600 price range. The average moving flat price is £520.

   The removals cost will depend on many factors- the type and size of the property, the distance between properties, the services required etc. The fuel costs last couple of years are on the rise and if you are moving long-distance, the move now will be 20% more expensive compared to 2020. If you are moving on a limited budget avoid searching removal companies Watford at the last moment. They might be a lot more expensive or have no availability to help you move. Comparing prices will also give you a chance to challenge and lower the costs of a removal company on the higher end of quotes you have received.

   If this will be a small-size move, an hourly rate could be a better option for you. On average the moving hourly rate is £60.00 per hour for 2 men and a van service. The hourly rate for 3 men and a van will be in the £80-£100 region. Moving hourly rate means the movers will charge from the start of the loading until they finish the move. Waiting times, delays or extra services will be charged as part of the final price. Below is some rough guidance of the move cost based on the size of your property:

1 Bed Watford Removals

Distance: 5 miles

Team: 2 Movers and a Medium van

Price: £300.00

2 Beds Watford Removals

Distance: 9 miles

Team: 2 Movers and a Luton van

Price: £588.00

3 Beds Watford Removals

Distance: 5.2 miles

Team: 4 Movers and 2 Luton vans

Price: £1460.00

On The Moving Day


   If you are not sure what the movers exactly do, Book A Mover can provide a blueprint for a typical moving day. The move itself starts long before the actual moving day. Before the Watford house removals company arrive you will need to make sure there is sufficient parking for the large moving van. In case the removal men will come with multiple vehicles finding enough parking will be even more difficult. If you do not have a long driveway, try blocking a couple of parking spaces right in front of your property. Speak with your neighbours if they will be willing to help with the parking. If it is too difficult, you can also contact your local council for assistance.

   On the removal day, you can leave moving the items to the removal men. They should be trained and experienced to carry all your furniture and boxes. Allow them to have enough room to work without putting pressure on them and remove anything which can cause a possible danger or issue moving the big items out. Moving heavy furniture is not easy and the moving team sent to help you move, should know what they are doing. If you have kids or pets ( or both ), they should not be present at the property while the movers are walking around with heavy items in and out. More about moving with children you can find here. Advise the removal men on what belongs to the property, so they do not pack them by mistake. The best you can do is to label what is going to your new home and what staying. If a removal survey has been completed before the move, the house removals London removalists should have an inventory list of the items to be moved.

   All financial terms regarding payments, deposits and damage claims must be discussed before booking the chosen cheap removal company Watford. Always check for any hidden costs like waiting time, stairs charge or if the items will fit into the van. Organizing your move is stressful enough and you do not need surprises. Ask the moving company at what stage they will expect all payments to be done, so there is no misunderstanding.

   If the removal company is packing the boxes, depending on the size of the move this could be done any day before the move. While the packing team are packing the boxes, let them know how you want them to label the boxes. Be prepared that once the packing is done there will be not much space in your property, so it is best for the packing to be done the day before your moving day. Label yourself the items which you do not want to be packed, so you can use them for the night.

Compare removal companies Watford

Before And After Your Move


   Organizing your furniture and boxes transport in London temporarily or permanently isn`t very simple. There will be a lot of planning needed before and after you move. If you are moving during the week, you will most probably need to take a few days off work. Give enough notice to your employer, so you can take free time to prepare for moving out and moving in. If you are doing the packing yourself, get the boxes and all packing materials at least a few days before you start packing. People who have never done packing underestimate the number of boxes needed, so whatever number you have in mind always get a few extra just in case. There are many tasks you need to do before and after your house move, so for this reason below we have prepared a list of things to do so you can plan your relocation properly.


⋅ Plan when and who will be cleaning your old property

⋅ Gather all important documents and keep them with you during the move

⋅ If moving with children find childcare or a family member to look after them. The same goes if you have pets- try to keep them away from the removal men

Inform DVLA, your bank and all service providers like BT or British Gas you are moving your address

⋅ If renting don`t forget to follow the notice period in your contract to inform your landlord you are moving out, if you don`t want to lose your deposit

Inform HMRC and your local council- you don`t want to be penalized for a wrong address in case they are trying to reach you

⋅ Change your TV license address


⋅ Unpack all boxes as soon as possible and if you find any issues inform the removals company

⋅ Organize disposal of the removal boxes and any rubbish left after the removal men. You can either ask the movers to do it or take the rubbish yourself to your local recycling centre.

⋅ It is always a good idea to change all your locks at the new property.

⋅ Go through the ”before” list again and if there is something which is still not done, don’t waste time and complete it.

⋅ If moving far you will most probably need to change your GP and dentist

⋅ If you had to get rid of old furniture, now is the time to think of buying something new for your new home

⋅ Why not plan a welcome party and invite your new neighbours

Extra Moving Help


   If you can afford to pay a little bit extra for your removals, Book A Mover suggest getting extra help. There are a few extra services that most removal companies offer and can make your life easier. Many people believe doing most of the preparation or even the removals without using a removals company can save them money, but in reality, this is a time-consuming task and many things can go wrong.

Packing of the removal boxes – All cheap removal companies Watford will have the experience and knowledge to pack your fragile items and clothes safely and adequately. Book A Mover advises you to get this optional moving service. If you pack the boxes by yourself, most probably the moving company will not insure and cover any damages if the items inside the box are damaged, but the boxes are intact.  If you choose the removal men to pack the boxes, their insurance will cover and protect you if anything happens while the boxes are in transit. This is the safest way, as the removal men will take extra care of how they pack the moving boxes. They will bring lots of paper and bubble wrap to wrap all fragile items and will not make the boxes overweight. If the boxes are too heavy, they might collapse while in the van. The removal men know all the do`s and don`t, so it is worth paying a bit extra to have safe travel of your personal effects. More tips on how to pack fragile items you can be read here .

Dismantle and Reassemble furniture – Taking the furniture apart is a daunting task. Why not leave it to the house removals Watford experts? The removal men will come with tools and equipment to take all necessary furniture apart in order to go out of the building. The movers will wrap and protect the furniture and unwrap it on delivery. If requested they will also assemble it back. Book A Mover advises you to use the complete dismantling and reassembling service, as the removal men will do it quickly and safely.

Piano moves – do you need assistance with moving your piano? Asking friends might not be a good idea as pianos can be really heavy and too delicate to be moved. Ask the removal men if they have the experience and know how to make a successful Watford piano move. There are also companies specializing in moving pianos only! Moving a heavy object is not easy. The removals company will need a special piano dolly, piano cover, straps and tools to secure, lift and move the piano. Only people with experience in moving a piano will handle it properly. Because of the weight and the shiny surface, there are so many ways the piano can be damaged, so you have to be careful to whom you are going to give this task away.

How long it takes the movers to contact me?

Once you submit your Watford moving request, our website algorithm will select the closest to your needs removal companies Watford. All selected moving firms will receive your details within a couple of minutes. After they receive your details they should try to reach you via phone or email in the next hour or so. You should have all moving companies sending you quotes or arranging a visit within 24 to 48 hours.

The maximum number of removal companies will be six, but depending on the complexity of the request the number could vary, but will never exceed six. We will not share your details with anyone else!

How do I book the chosen transport firm?

Once you receive the quotes from all removal companies Watford, allow yourself time to go through all of them and compare their prices, services offered and each removal company`s customer feedback. Try to select two or three of the Watford movers. If your favourite company has the highest price, you can always ask them to match or beat a lower price. You will be surprised how easily they will be willing to offer a discount and even beat the lower price. Once the removals company is selected you need to book and organize all details directly with them. Book A Mover is only involved in collecting your initial removal request, selecting the best and cheapest removal companies in Watford based on your request and providing your details to them to contact you directly. After they receive your details it is the moving companies which will contact you. All bookings must be made directly with them and NOT with Book A Mover!

Do I need to buy insurance for my move?

Having your own insurance is always a bonus, but all relocation firms we work with, are vetted and checked. They all have ”Goods in transit” and public liability in case there are issues like damages to your property or furniture. There are also relocation firms which sell insurance, so you do not have to waste your time searching for insurance. You do not need to organize special insurance, as this is a moving company job to provide this for you.

Who do I pay for my removals?

All payments before, during or after the removals must be discussed and organized strictly and only with the chosen London relocation company! Book A Mover does not collect payments on behalf of the moving companies. Sending your removals request is FREE and we do not collect and store your bank details.

Can I request a packing help on the day?

Any house removals Watford should offer partial or full packing service. If it is just a few boxes to be packed, the movers should not have a problem doing this on the day if asked. A large number of boxes are always better to be packed a day in advance. This always must be discussed prior to your move with the moving company you chose. If not discussed ahead of the move, the removal men most probably will not come with packing materials inside their van and they will not be able to help. All moving companies in Watford will tell you they prefer to move boxes or crates. Many people use bags to pack, but they are not good for transporting your belongings and could get damaged during the move.

Who to complain if I am not happy?

If you are not happy with the provided removal services try to speak directly with the movers as a first step. If you cannot resolve the issues and the movers are part of organizations like BAR or AIM, you can contact the organization and ask to mediate and assist with sorting the issues.

Lastly, you can also try to make a claim through the small claims tribunal if you are seeking financial compensation and there is no solution offered by your removal company. 

If you are not happy from Book A Mover services, feel free to send an email through our contact us page.

Do I need to pay to receive the moving quotes?

No, you do not need to pay to get removal quotes. Any company asking you for money to give you a removals quote is a scam and do not give any money to them. All removal companies working with Book A Mover pay us to receive the submitted information, but they all need to provide a FREE quotation to you. A home visit or video survey organized by the removal firm must be free of charge too.

Can I edit my details once I submit my request?

Unfortunately, once you press the send button, you can no longer edit your removal details. You can always submit a new request and we will inform the chosen Watford removal companies if there are any changes to your request.

Which time of the year is the cheapest for removal companies Watford?


   The busiest time for all UK removal firms is the summer- June, July and August. The number of Watford moves go up, and so as the prices too. If you have a limited moving budget, try planning your move before or after the summer. The period November- February is ideal. All moving companies will have more availability and most of them will be willing to lower their moving prices. Even if the moving prices you receive from all moving companies are not a problem, you can always try to negotiate a lower price. It will be easier if you are moving in the winter and if you plan well ahead. Reserving removal services at the last moment limit your options of finding a cheap and reputable moving firm at the same time.

   The best day to move would be between Monday and Thursday. Typically Friday and Saturday are very busy, so try to avoid them if you can. Also, try to avoid moving at the end of the month- it will most likely be more expensive and difficult to find a good moving company on short notice.

How Much Does A Watford Property Cost?


   As we all know property prices in Watford are constantly going up because the city is one of the world’s financial and economic centres. The demand is high and the properties available are not enough. The average Watford house price is £498,521. The final price will depend on many factors. For example, the average price of a flat is £281,610, while a terraced house in London is £437,840. If you are planning to buy a property in a very desired Watford area, the final price will go up.


How many removal jobs have been completed in the area

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