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Local home and office man and a van service. From a single item to a large home move. We are based in Barking.



Become a featured removals company and earn more jobs and money. More visibility and exposure is your best chance to increase your sales.



Become a featured removals company and earn more jobs and money. More visibility and exposure is your best chance to increase your sales.


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   Moving home can be expensive and very stressful. There are many important things to consider when moving, but when it comes to the actual move, you have to look for a reliable local Twickenham moving company. Submit your details through Book A Mover and we will connect you with five of the best Twickenham relocation companies. They will receive your moving request and each one of them should contact you for further information or simply will send you a moving quote. The movers might want to visit your place to make sure they will give you accurate price and removal service. Removal surveys are important, if you are moving out of big property or there are additional services required like packing or going into storage. Before making your final decision, compare all prices, read all documents and moving quotes sent to you carefully. Investigate each Twickenham mover`s feedback history. To make your moving day less stressful, you need an experienced and friendly service. No one is perfect, but you will also need moving company which is willing to resolve any disputes or issues quick and in a friendly manner.

Local Twickenham moving companies usually charge a flat rate or on hourly rate basis. When moving locally within Twickenham or neighbouring areas, hourly rate might be a good option. You can expect around £35-£45 per hour for a man and a van service. For 2 Men and van prices can vary between £50 to £80 per hour and for a team of 3 strong men and large removal truck you can pay anything between £60 to £90 per hour. This is an ideal option for moving a single items or just a few items down the road. For bigger moves, involving other services, always try to negotiate fixed price. You do not need a suprise on the moving day and to have to pay a lot more than the agreed price. It is important also to be pointed, moving companies might want to charge extra even if the final price is fixed. Those are situations when you are taking a lot more items than agreed or if you cannot provide an immediate access at the new property, so the movers can start offloading. Difficult parking and long walking distance, if not known, could also be leading to extra payments. Try to clear these points before booking your move with the chosen moving expert company.

Number of house moves in Twickenham during the year

Average Twickenham Moving Cost


Your Twickenham move is approaching and you are wondering how much it will cost. There are many factors which contribute to the final moving costs – the size of your current home, the mileage between properties, will you need help with packing and handyman services or you will do it yourself, moving date and many others. Moving sometimes can be expensive, but it doesn`t have to be stressfull. We always advice on not choosing a Tickenham moving company only on the basis of giving you the cheapest removals quote. A good and reliable moving company has probably spent years in training their staff, tens of thousands of pounds buying specially designed removal vans and lorries and equipment. Having an fully vetted and experienced Twickenham home moving company will save you time, money and stress. Moving heavy and delicate furniture needs lots of experience, strong movers and training. It is normal if the removals company has invested so much, to have higher prices compared to a small man and van firm or part time delivery man with an unbranded van.

There are couple of things you can do to lower your final removals cost. You can try doing the packing and wrapping of the items yourself with help from family and friends. If you are good at assembling and re-assembling furniture, you take the big items aparts. These could be beds, large wardrobes or cabinets. The lesss time the removal men need to complete your move, the cheaper your move will be. Below we have some rough moving costs based on a typical Twickenham home:

1 Bedroom property

moving cost

2 Bedrooms property

moving cost

3 Bedrooms property

moving cost

Extra Moving Services Staines


You might also consider extra services like:

Packing or Unpacking of the Boxes – Ask the Twickenham movers to help with the packing of the boxes. Packing service will cost extra, but it will save you time and it will be done quick and safe. You can choose from a full packing of your home to a single room only. Or the removal men can pack the fragile items only, which is recommended as it is more specific. You need to have an experience when packing the dishes and glasses, so they can arrive in one piece at your home.

Dismantle and Reassemble of bulky furniture – In case some of the furniture can not go through the doors and corridors, you will need to take it apart. We advise you to get the removal men to do it, as this will be insured by their ”Goods in Transit” insurance and the movers can also do it quicker. They will come with all the required tools and drills and will have enough skills and experience to be completed safe and quick.

Piano Moves in Twickenham– Moving an upright or grand piano require tolls, skills and training. Not every removal company is willing to do it. Before you choose your house moving expert in Twickenham, ask them if they have done it and if they are insured for this special type move.


Using Twickenham Man And A Van

If you are a moving just a few items or a couple of boxes and bags down the road, you do not really need a big relocation company. It will be much cheaper to use a small local man and a van service in TW1 and TW2 area. As they are usually small companies, it will be more likelly to charge you less. Submit your request through Book A Mover, point that you need a man and van service in description and we will connect you with the best 5 local and affordable options to choose from.

Twickenham Storage Companies…


Getting storage is necessary if you can not move to your new home immediately or you are renovating your property. Or maybe you are renting a furnished property and you want it to be unfurnished before your relocate. You can get a unit at Safestore or Big Yellow Storage. These type of storage facilities are secured and properly managed. You have access to your belongings at any time and can bring more items or empty any time you want. A slightly cheaper option is to use a containerized type storage. They are cheaper, but the downfall will be the limitation of access to what is inside. Book a container type storage only if you are not planning to use anything from the storage until it is delivered back. This type of storage is widely used by Twickenham moving companies.

Twickenham Rubbish Centre… 

If you want to get rid of your old furniture, clothes, books or general rubbish you can use Roadmead Re-use and recycling Centre. You can find more information about the conditions on which you can use it here. Book a mover advise you to try to declutter your home before you call the removal companies to visit your home for a removal estimation. One of the main factors to increase the price is the number of items you will need help to relocate. The more you take, the more expensive your move will be. So the more you manage to take to the recycling centre, the cheaper it will be to relocate within Twickenham. Any clothes, books or furniture in good condition you can take to your local charity shops or contact the British Heart Foundation to come and collect it for free.

Twickenham Removal Boxes…


Get removal boxes and other packing materials from any London movers company or local storage. You will need different size boxes. Get small sized boxes for books, cups and small fragile items. Book boxes can be heavy if too big. Most common book box size is 18″ x 12″ x 12″. Get slightly bigger size boxes for your clothes, food and cutlery. Box size 18″ x 18″ x 20″ is often used for this purpose. All boxes you buy or find must be minimum double-walled and in new or very good used condition. When boxes are loaded into the removal truck, they will be stacked on top of each other. If the boxes are too heavy or unproperly packed they will collapse and cause damages. For your hanging clothes get wardrobe boxes with a rail, where you will hang the clothes. A wine box is useful and specially designed for transporting wine and wine glasses. 

Best Moving Tips…


  Professional removal companies use branded vehicles

  Removals must use padded blankets for protection

  Get the movers to protect your floor and carpets

  When packing your clothes movers should use gloves

  Ask for wardrobe boxes to pack your hanging clothes

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