Have you found a new home and cannot wait to move? Moving can be a headache when you have lots of furniture to move. Read our article on how to move furniture safely and easily if you are planning to do it yourself or with help from family or friends.

Our best advice when home which you can consider is to use a professional moving company, as the removal men will have the skills, equipment and manpower to transport your belongings. In many cases, this might be even cheaper, if your moving budget is the issue.

Dissasembling the large furniture

Every job or project starts with a plan. If the plan is good, the job will be executed easily. Bad planning can make your decision to move furniture by yourself a horrible idea.

When creating the plan, think of how the items will come out of your property. If they are too large, you will need to dismantle them. If the furniture is one piece, you will need to find out if this will go through the door or the window. Small items like chairs or a single bed wouldn`t be a problem. You might have issues with big sofas, wardrobes and large beds.

Organize help to move the furniture

If the items are heavy you will need help. If you have fit and strong friends or relatives, ask them if they can help you move the large and heavy furniture. It will almost impossible to move a large 3 seater sofa by yourself.

If there is no one to help, you still have the option to hire a professional removal company. Using Book A Mover is the fastest to compare and hire local moving companies, which can transport all your furniture and belongings.

Find local removal companies with only one search. Connect with the best moving experts in your area providing home or office removals.

Take the big items apart

King-size beds or triple wardrobes are the typical items which will require dismantling. Do you have the tools needed? Be prepared to have a set of hexagrams, screwdrivers, pliers, a wrench and a hammer. This is the minimum tool set you will need to successfully dismantle your furniture.

A good tip when dismantling complicated furniture is to take photos of all parts and angles before you dismantle it. Once you move the furniture and start assembling the photos will have to remember how it was before taking the furniture apart.

Place the small parts safely in a box

Find a small box where you can place all screws and small bits from the dismantled furniture. You can wrap individually and label each set of screws, so you can easily find all when the time for assembling come.

furniture transport removals company

Wrapping the furniture

For wrapping and protection when moving furniture you will need removal blankets and lots of bubble wrap. You can wrap all glass items in bubble wrap. For the biggest and heaviest items use removal blankets. Make sure all sides of the furniture are covered and use tape to secure the blankets.

If you want to go even further when protecting the furniture for removal, buy and use professional furniture paper. Professional removal companies use it and it is very good for delicate furniture and when the items are going into storage.

Rent a van

Getting a big enough removal van is probably the most important part of your plan. Source a local hire company and check the size of the vehicles they offer. For a few pieces of furniture, a medium-wheel base van can do the job. For moving out of a 2 or 3 bedrooms property, a long wheel-based panel van or Luton van is a must. Unless you want to get a small van and make countless trips. 

Buy rachet straps or ropes to secure the load

When moving furniture with a van, you will need to secure the load. Without securing the items with straps or ropes they will be moving and falling. This will damage the items, but it is a great risk of causing a road accident.

Buy some ratchet straps online or from your local car shop. There are videos online to learn how to use them properly. Make sure you secure the load at a couple of places and at the end, so your furniture can stay in one place while being transported.

Loading and unloading the van

All right, you have the van and the help you need. Loading the van the right way is important. Make sure you spread the load weight evenly across the floor. Placing heavy furniture on one side only can make your driving difficult and it is a risk of overturning the van when turning left or right. 

Placing the furniture in your new home

If all steps so far are done correctly, then you are finally in front of your new home. Before unloading has a look at the layout of the property and makes a plan of where all furniture in the van will go. Without a good plan, it will be difficult to move furniture quickly.

Extra equipment you might need

Depending on the types of furniture you need to move, you might also consider getting a big professional trolley. Filing cabinets and appliances can be easily moved with a trolley.

Another piece of equipment you might consider is getting furniture straps. If moving furniture is not possible with a trolley, you can use straps to spread the weight over your body. It is very important you keep your back safe and not put much pressure on it. This will be your wickest part, while your legs are the strongest, so try using the legs more when lifting and moving furniture.

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