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Get an affordable removals company in South East London today. With Bookamover you get up to five house moving companies to contact you with prices and availabilities. And we advise you to find local movers. They will know the pitfalls of the area – hard to find parking spaces and busy traffic. Depending on the size of your property you can book a local man and van company or a reputable nationwide moving firm, which can offer fully comprehensive local or long-distance moves. Do not book removal service in the last moment, as this might be more expensive. You will not have a chance to find a suitable and affordable removal company. You need minimum 3-4 weeks to collect moving quotes. Thi is enough time to compare prices and to try to negotiate a better price for your upcoming move. If your property is bigger than two bedrooms, Bookamover advise to get couple of home visit from different removal companies. A moving home survey will give a chance to their surveyor to prepare a flat rate quotation, which might save you stress and money. Show them everything – inlcluding loft, garage or garden. Any hidden items might come as a suprise to the removal company and they will try to charge you extra. Or they might come with a removal van which is not sufficient for your move.

When choosing the removal company ask about the size and number of vehicles they are sending. It is very important when you have to reserve parking. If the parking is free but not enough space, ask your neighbours if the removals can use their parking. Every moving company will tell you they need to park as close as possible as moving heavy furniture and boxes is not easy. If you need to suspend parking spaces, you will need to contact your local council and advice on how to do it.

Once you receive all moving quotes, Bookamover do not advise to choose the cheapest offer. Sometimes saving money at the beggining, might cost more at the end. Choose wise!

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How Much Your South East London Move Will Cost?


If you are planning to move home soon you will need two things- reliable moving experts company and good moving price. Calculating your moving costs will depend on many variables- size of property, services requested, number of boxes to be packed, distance and many more. Long-distance removals are always more expensive compared to local South East London moves. Going out of 1 bedroom property will be much cheaper than moving out of 3 bedrooms house. The more you ask the movers to do, the more it will cost. Book A Mover suggest you request a quote through our website for all services you need and then make a budget for your move. Planning your moving budget and costs without asking the movers will be unrealistic. Many local East and South East London moving companies offer hourly rate prices for small local moves. They can start from £30.00 per hour for a man and van, to £100.00 per hour for a team of 3 movers and large removal truck. If you are moving out of a big property, always get a home visit so the moving company can give a flat rate moving quote. Only after you receive all five removal quotes, you will know how much it will cost to use a local moving company. Below we have estimated moving examples of moving prices based on the size of the property:

South East London Removals

1 Bedroom property

Removals in South East London

2 Bedrooms property

3 bedrooms property removals

3 Bedrooms property

Extra Moving Services In South East London


If you don`t have time to organize your move and you are looking for extra help, you might be interested in additional services like:

Packing of the removal boxes – Get professional help and ask the removers to pack and protect your clothes, books and glassware. They should know how to safely and quickly empty and pack all cupboard and drawers in your home. It is not recommended to move chests and cabinets while there are items inside. Most, if not all removal companies use professional double-walled moving boxes in various sizes. All removal boxes has a limit of 20kg, as sometimes movers have to move them by carrying. Many places in London are not suitable for using removal trolleys and dolly sacks. This is why it is important the wheight to be spread evenly between all boxes, so the removal men can easily move and lift where it is needed. The removal men will also need to label the boxes, so you can find easily everything once you are moved into your new home. You have different options for packing – the moving company can pack the breakables only, particular room or a full packing service of all rooms in your home. Packing service can also be offered as an hourly rate, but it will be best if you speak directly with you chosen local movers.

Dismantle and Reassemble of furniture – If the large furniture must be taken apart, you can ask your moving experts removals to do it for you. They will have all the necessary tools, like screwdrivers and spanners, to make it quick and better. Some items of furniture can be transported as they are, but there will be bulky items like beds and wardrobes, which will need to be taken apart. Be aware that if you have an old IKEA furniture, there is a change the movers to refure to assemble it or it might not even be possible. IKEA furniture is not very durable and it is not designed to be taken apart and assembled multiple times. In those case, it is worth buying a new one and leave/sell the old one. Expect the removal men to be faster and more efficient, so it is worth paying a bit extra to get it done by the moving company.

Piano Moves – Moving heavy objects like pianos, require experience and skills. Check if the movers are insured for this task. They must have the correct tools like piano dolly and piano covers to protect and move your piano safely. Moving a heavy items like a statue or a grand piano will require more man power, so a man and van company might not be the right choice for you. When looking for this kind of help, Bookamover advise to choose based on experience and not on price.

SE London Storage Companies…


Need extra space?Are you downsizing and need to store furniture and unwanted stuff? Ask your removal company to organize storage for you. Alternatively you can get quotes from local storage companies like Big Yellow and Access Storage. You can choose from a container or a unit. If your items are valuable, we advise you to use a in-house unit, which you can access it and take something out if needed. If you are using a removal company to move your belongings to the storage, always ask them to wrap and protect all furniture with blankets or furniture paper. It will cost extra, but it is much more cheap than the damages and scratches which you will find after everything is out of the storage if they are not placed properly. If doing it yourslef, be extra carefull and try to wrap and protect everything by yourself.

SE London Rubbish Centre… 

If you have broken old furniture or you want to get rid of something you can use the Southwark recycling centre. Check their website to get more information here. Local residents will probably use it for free if they take the rubbish with their own transport and show a proof of residency like council tax or a bank statement. Give them a call and get more information of any costs, if you do it yourself, or you have to use a removal company to help dispose unwanted or broken items. Alternatively you can try your local British Heart Foundation. Give them a call and they should come and collect any old furniture which is still usable and in good condition. In rare ocasions removal companies are also willing to dispose of your rubbish if it is part of the main moving service and you accept their price.

SE London Removal Boxes…


Planning to pack your belongings yourself? Then you will need to get moving boxes or crates from your removal company in South East London. Packing the fragile items will require packing paper or foam cuts, bubble wrap and tape. You can also get some guidance from our blog. Get big wardrobe boxes with rails, so you don`t have to fold your coats and skirts. All removal companies use different size of boxes, but most importantly is to make sure the boxes are not overweight. If your moving budget is limited, you can always ask at your local shops for some used good quality boxes. You can also get some old or free newspapers to protect the breakables. Old blankets will be suitable to protect you monitors and TVs. Bookamover still recommend using professional movers to help you with packing of the boxes.

Best Moving Tips…


  Professional removal companies use branded vehicles

  Removals must use padded blankets for protection

  Get the movers to protect your floor and carpets

  When packing your clothes movers should use gloves

  Ask for wardrobe boxes to pack your hanging clothes

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