Discovering the right Manchester removal company can make the difference between a stress-filled moving day and a seamless transition into your new space, turning an often daunting task into a moment of positive change and new beginnings.

Manchester removal companies

Why Comparing Manchester Removal Companies?

Save up to 30% when using local removal specialists based in Manchester to move home or office.

When you’re preparing for a stress-free relocation and seeking the assistance of skilled Manchester moving experts, Book A Mover is the perfect place to find it. Submit your move request on our user-friendly website, and we’ll connect you with the top six Manchester removal companies.

There are many benefits comparing moving services, but do not look for moving help at the last moment. If possible, allow a minimum of 5-6 weeks time frame before the actual move.


  • Cost Savings: Comparing Manchester removal companies allows you to find the most competitive pricing and helps ensure you get the best value for your money.

  • Service Quality: By comparing reviews and ratings, you can identify companies known for their reliability, professionalism, and high-quality service.

  • Tailored Services: Different companies may specialize in different types of moves or offer unique services. Comparison helps you find a company that fits your specific needs.

  • Understanding Policies: Comparing companies can also help you understand differences in policies, such as insurance coverage, cancellation policies, or how they handle delicate items.

  • Confidence and Peace of Mind: Ultimately, comparing Manchester removal companies provides you with confidence that you’ve made an informed decision, leading to a smoother, more stress-free move.

Manchester removal companies

Booking Manchester Removal Companies

Save up to 30% when using local professional removal services to relocate your home or office.

Submit your request

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Manchester Removals Costs.

What are the average moving costs in the area and what to expect using Book A Mover.

Do you wonder how much removal companies in the UK cost? There is no universal price that matches every property, as the final prices depend on many variables like the size of the move, the distance between properties and parking and access conditions.

The average removal cost for moving from a one-bedroom property using a Manchester removal company is in the £223- £340 price range while moving from a two-bedroom property is in the £456 – £685. If you want to add a packing service you are looking at around £235 for every 15-20 boxes to be packed, including the materials. Any additional services like furniture dismantling or even storage will add extra costs to the final moving price you will receive from all removal companies which will contact you.

For bigger properties than 2 bedrooms, we advise arranging a home visit, so you can get a correct estimate and avoid any hidden costs. Visiting your home or office will give a clear vision to a removal specialist about the size of the move and any difficulties like access or how busy the the bulding is.

PropertyServicesAverage Price
1 bedroommoving only locally£265
2 bedroomsmoving only locally£438
3 bedroomsmoving only locally£756

Extra Moving Services

Check what extra services you can get when comparing professional movers.

Manchester House Removals

Compare Manchester removal companies which specialise in moving homes. Get professional house removals help in Manchester.

Manchester Man & Van

When you don`t have much to move, using a man and van service might be the right move for you. Compare local man and van experts in Manchester.

Packing & Unpacking Service

Get help with packing up the boxes before the actual move. An experienced house moving company will have all the necessary materials and skills to pack your house the right way.

Furniture Dismantle & Assembly

When moving a home or office taking the large furniture apart is part of the moving process. Add dismantling request when submitting your request to see prices.

Local Removers & Storers

Many Manchester removal companies have their own storage facility, where you can store your goods for a short or long period. The majority of movers and storers offer a containerized type of storage.

Manchester Area Facts.

Explore the area and get some local insight and interesting facts.

  • Manchester Museum: This extensive museum houses a diverse collection of artefacts, from ancient Egyptian relics to local natural history exhibits.nal experience for all ages.

  • Old Trafford: Home to Manchester United, one of the world’s most famous football clubs, Old Trafford offers guided tours and a museum for sports enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the team’s rich history.

  • Manchester Art Gallery: Showcasing a vast collection of British and European art, this gallery is a must-visit for art lovers. The exhibitions range from classic paintings to contemporary installations.

  • The Northern Quarter: Known for its vibrant street art, independent shops, and trendy cafes, the Northern Quarter is the perfect place to explore Manchester’s creative and bohemian side.

Compare Manchester removal companies. Save time and money with Book A Mover.

What You Might Ask.

More useful information about Book A Mover Manchester moving services.

Is getting quotes from Manchester removal companies free?

Once you submit your request we will match it with the best five or six house removals in Manchester. They will provide you with quotations for free. Any removal company in Manchester asking you to pay for a removals quote is a scam and do not give any money to them. All removal companies working with Book A Mover pay us to receive the submitted information, but they all need to provide a FREE removal quote to you. A home visit or video survey organized by the removal firm must be free of charge too.

How do I book a removals Manchester?

When choosing a removal firm in Manchester, it’s crucial to carefully examine all the quotes you obtain. After collecting them, compare the costs, services provided, and client testimonials for each business. Ideally, you should narrow down your options to two or three Manchester moving companies.

If the company you prefer has the highest quote, don’t hesitate to negotiate. Many removal firms are open to offering discounts or even matching lower prices to win your business.

Keep in mind that all reservations and payments should be made directly with the selected Manchester removal company. While Book A Mover can help you find the most suitable removalists, our role is limited to gathering your request and sharing your information with the chosen businesses.

The moving companies will contact you to finalize the booking once they have your information. It’s vital to ensure that all reservations are made directly with the selected removal firm rather than through Book A Mover.

Can I ask the movers to pack the boxes?

Any Manchester removal companies should offer and provide packing services. If it is just a few boxes to be packed, the movers should not have a problem doing this on the day. A large number of boxes are always better to be packed a day in advance. This always must be discussed prior to your move with the moving company you chose. If not discussed ahead of the move, the removal men most probably will not come with packing materials inside their van and they will not be able to help.

Transporting boxes or crates is much easier, safe and preferred for removal companies. Many people use bags to pack, but they are not good for transporting your belongings and could get damaged during the move.

Do I need to buy insurance for my move?

Having your own insurance is always a plus, but any moving company we work with, are vetted and checked. They all have ”Goods in transit” and public liability in case there are issues like damages to your property or furniture.

There are also relocation firms which sell insurance, so you do not have to waste your time searching for insurance.