Comparing removal services in Edinburgh can be a seamless process when using Book A Mover. Let us match your request with the best Edinburgh Removal Companies.

Edinburgh removal companies

Why Compare Edinburgh Removal Companies?

Using a relocation company will be cheaper if you compare quotes to find a reliable and affordable firm.

Comparing Edinburgh removal companies can provide several benefits to ensure a smooth moving process:

  • Cost Savings: By comparing quotes from different companies, you can ensure you are getting the most value for your money. You can also better understand the pricing structure of different services. Once you have all quotes sent, find the lowest price and see if any of the companies on the higher end will be willing to match or lower their prices based on the lowest price you have. You will be surprised by the discounts you will get from the moving companies just to secure the job.
  • Better Services: Comparing removals companies allows you to gauge the range and quality of services offered, including packing, storage, special item handling, etc. You can choose a company that best fits your needs.
  • Reliability and Professionalism: Reviews and testimonials give insights into other customers’ experiences. By comparing these, you can choose a company known for its reliability and professionalism. Ask all movers to provide feedback and reviews from past customers.
  • Insurance and Liability: Different companies might have different policies regarding insurance coverage for your belongings and liability for any damage. Comparing these can help you choose a company that offers the best protection.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have researched and compared various removal companies can give you peace of mind that you have chosen the right one for your needs.
Edinburgh removal companies

Edinburgh Removals Comparison Steps

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Edinburgh Removal Companies Costs.

What are the average moving costs in the area and what to expect using Book A Mover.

There are many moving factors which will determine the final price when using professional help. From the travel distance and size of the move to property access and even your moving date, everything will be counted and calculated so you get the most precise removal prices to choose from.

The typical relocation cost for moving from a one-bedroom property using an Edinburgh removal company falls within the £213-£310 price range, while moving from a two-bedroom property ranges from £356 to £565. If you opt for a packing service, expect to pay around £220 for every 15-20 boxes packed, including the materials. Additional services like furniture disassembly or storage will increase the final moving price you receive from all removal companies that get in touch with you.

Opting for a home or office survey will be beneficial when moving out of a big property. After a thorough survey, you can have a promised fixed price with no hidden costs. Alternatively, if the moving companies do not know all facts about your move you will most likely receive an hourly rate price. If you wonder what hourly rate and fixed price mean, we have a thorough post explaining the benefits of hourly and flat rates and which one will suit your moving needs more.

PropertyServicesAverage Price
1 bedroommoving only locally£265
2 bedroomsmoving only locally£438
3 bedroomsmoving only locally£756

Edinburgh Removal Companies Index

If you do not want to compare movers, you can check some of the best local Edinburgh movers.

Edinburgh Area Facts.

Explore the area and get some local insight and interesting facts.

  • Edinburgh Castle: Explore this iconic fortress atop Castle Rock, steeped in Scottish heritage.
  • Royal Mile: Stroll through the heart of the Old Town, discovering landmarks, pubs, and shops.
  • Palace of Holyroodhouse: Visit the Queen’s official residence, complete with splendid rooms and gardens.
  • National Museum of Scotland: Dive into Scottish history, art, and culture through fascinating exhibits.
  • Arthur’s Seat: Hike up this extinct volcano for stunning views of Edinburgh and its surroundings.
  • Scottish National Gallery: Admire European masterpieces, including works by Botticelli and Van Gogh.

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Edinburgh Removal Companies FAQs

More useful information about Book A Mover Edinburgh moving services.

Do I hire man and van or a house removal company for my house move?

A man and van service is often suitable for smaller moves, such as a studio or one-bedroom apartment, or for moving a few large items. They are typically cheaper than full-service removal companies and can be a good choice if you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind a more hands-on approach, as you might have to assist with some of the loading and unloading.

On the other hand, a full house removal company might be a better choice for larger moves, such as a family home. They typically provide a more comprehensive service, which can include packing, unpacking, and storage services, making the move less stressful. These companies often have larger teams and more equipment, allowing them to handle larger loads and more complex moving situations.

How do I book a removals Edinburgh?

It’s critical to carefully evaluate each quote you receive before selecting a removal company in Edinburgh. Compare the prices, services offered, and client endorsements for each company after gathering them. Your search should ideally be limited to two or three Edinburgh moving firms.

Never be afraid to bargain if the company you choose has the highest quote. To win your business, many moving companies are willing to give discounts or even match lower pricing.

Keep in mind that all reservations and payments should be made directly with the selected Edinburgh removal company. While Book A Mover can help you find the most suitable removalists, our role is limited to gathering your request and sharing your information with the chosen businesses.

The moving companies will contact you to finalize the booking once they have your information. It’s vital to ensure that all reservations are made directly with the selected removal firm rather than through Book A Mover.

Can I ask the movers to pack the boxes?

Any Edinburgh removal companies should offer and provide packing services. If it is just a few boxes to be packed, the movers should not have a problem doing this on the day. A large number of boxes are always better to be packed a day in advance. This always must be discussed prior to your move with the moving company you chose. If not discussed ahead of the move, the removal men most probably will not come with packing materials inside their van and they will not be able to help.

Transporting boxes or crates are much easier, safe and preferred for removal companies. Many people use bags to pack, but they are not good for transporting your belongings and could get damaged during the move.

Do Edinburgh removal companies provide insurance?

Having your own insurance is always a plus, but any moving company we work with, are vetted and checked. They all have ”Goods in transit” and public liability in case there are issues like damages to your property or furniture.

Always request a copy of the preferred Edinburgh movers and get all information on what will happen if there are any issues before committing to use their services. Slow or misleading answer could be a sign they will not take responsibility when there are damages or delays.

When the removal companies will contact me?

Once you submit your moving request, our website algorithm will select the closest to your needs removals in Edinburgh. All selected moving firms will receive your details within a couple of minutes. After they have your details they should try to reach you via phone or email in the next hour or so.

You should have all moving companies sending you quotes or arranging a visit within 24 to 48 hours.

The maximum number of removal companies will be six, but depending on the complexity of the request the number could vary, but will never exceed six. We will not share your details with anyone else!