Submitting a request for office movers is now more powerful and easier than ever. Our comparison service ensures you find the perfect fit for your office relocation needs. Save up to 40% by comparing local office movers.

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Office Movers Comparison Benefits

Save up to 30% when using local professional removal services to relocate your office furniture.

 When it comes to moving premises, finding the right relocation firm can make all the difference. From ensuring your belongings are safe and secure during transit to making the whole process as quick as possible, the right office movers will be worth their weight in gold. Once you submit your office move request through Book A Mover, our algorithm will connect you with the 4 or 5 most trusted office movers. With this in mind, there are three main factors when selecting an office moving company:

  • Experience and Reputation: Look for companies that have been in business for several years, as this indicates they have a good track record and are unlikely to be a fly-by-night operation.
  • Cost: The removal price can vary greatly from company to company, so it’s important to get a clear idea of the costs involved.
  • Flexibility: Moving can be unpredictable, and you may need to make changes to your plans at the last minute. Look for a removals company that is flexible.
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Office Movers Booking Process

Save up to 30% when using commercial removal services to relocate your business.

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Office Movers Costs.

Find out what are the average moving costs in your area and what to expect using Book A Mover.

There are a few major moving aspects that determine your office moving costs. Moving locally is much cheaper compared to a long-distance move, simply because of the fuel costs and longer working hours. Other important moving costs elements are the size of the office, how quickly must be done, services needed, the number of boxes if packing is involved and property access.

Depending on where your office is, you should also consider a few other things before hiring local house movers.

  • Parking suspension
  • ULEZ and/or Congestion Charge
  • Ferry Crossing Tickets
  • Toll charges

In case you live in a big property, you can ask the moving companies which will contact you to conduct a home survey. This is important so you the movers are not surprised by the moving size or property access on arrival. Having a site survey will also minimize any delays, issues with the size of the vehicle, or even road restrictions. For example, the removal companies might want to send an 18t lorry, but your road is strictly prohibited for vehicles over 3.5t.

4 Person OfficeMoving only£320
15-20 boxesFull packing£220
4 desks and meeting tableDismantling/Assembling£185

Office Movers Extra Services

Check what extra support you can get when comparing professional office movers.

Furniture Office Movers

Hire professional movers to transport all bulky items like desks and filing cabinets. Ask for a survey and moving plan, so the move has minimal impact on the business.

Long-distance Experts

Moving long-distance will cost more money and extra wrapping of all your belongings to stay intact during the travel. Get experienced business movers who offer long-distance transport.

Packing & Unpacking Service

Get help with the packing before the actual move. An experienced office moving company will have all the necessary materials and skills to pack your business premises the right way.

Furniture Dismantle & Assembly

All office movers can send experienced removal men to take your big items apart and assemble them at the new address. Add this service when sending a request to get a price.

Office Movers and Storers

Using short or long-term storage might be needed when there is not enough office space or when the building will be refurbished. Get reputable office movers and storers.

Office Movers Facts.

You might have many questions, so you can find some of the answers below.

  • When comparing removal quotes, don`t choose the cheapest one straight away. You can always ask office movers with a higher price to match a lower price. If they are not busy and you are flexible with your moving date, they will most likely say ”YES”.
  • If you are doing the packing, hire plastic moving crates. Office removal companies use them on a regular basis as they are very sturdy and will protect your electronics and documents.
  • Provide a fully itemised inventory list with the items going and create a floor plan for the new place, which will be very helpful on arrival
  • Look for a company which understands that they need to work around your schedule and deadlines, otherwise, you might be losing lots of money.
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What You Might Ask.

More useful information about Book A Mover comparison moving services.

How long does it take to move an office?

The time required to move an office can greatly vary based on a multitude of factors such as the size of the office, the distance of the move, the complexity of the equipment, and the efficiency of the movers. Smaller offices may take just a day or two to move, while larger offices or corporate headquarters might require several weeks for a fully organized, minimal-disruption transition. Remember, the actual moving time is just one part of the process – you should also account for planning, packing, and setting up in your new location when considering the total timeline for your move.

Can office movers dispose old office furniture?

Yes, many professional office movers offer disposal services for old office furniture as part of their comprehensive relocation services. They can either discard, donate, or recycle the furniture based on their preferences and local regulations. It’s important to discuss this with your chosen moving company in advance to understand the process and any potential additional costs.

When should I start planning the office move?

Planning for an office move should ideally begin as far in advance as possible, with a minimum of two to three months ahead of your intended move date. This timeframe allows for careful preparation, including creating a moving checklist, budgeting, choosing a reliable moving company, and addressing any potential issues. It also provides ample time to communicate with your employees about the move, thereby ensuring a smooth transition. For larger offices or complex moves, it’s advisable to start the planning process even earlier, perhaps up to a year in advance, to adequately address all logistics and minimize downtime.

What is the role of an office move manager?

An office move manager plays a critical role in coordinating and overseeing all aspects of an office relocation. They are responsible for planning the move, including creating timelines, budgeting, hiring moving services, coordinating with staff, and managing any issues that arise during the move. Essentially, the office move manager serves as the point person, ensuring a seamless transition to the new office while minimizing disruption to business operations.

When the office movers will contact me?

Once you submit your moving request, our website algorithm will select the closest to your needs for commercial movers. All selected moving firms will receive your details within a couple of minutes. After they have your details they should try to reach you via phone or email in the next hour or so.

You should have all moving companies sending you quotes or arranging a visit within 24 to 48 hours.

The maximum number of office removal companies will be six, but depending on the complexity of the request the number could vary, but will never exceed six. We will not share your details with anyone else!

What is enough insurance office move cover?

Adequate insurance coverage for an office move should ideally encompass the full replacement value of all items being moved. This includes office furniture, computers and other electronic equipment, important documents, and any specialized or high-value items specific to your business. It’s crucial to thoroughly discuss the insurance policy with your chosen office movers, ensuring that it addresses potential scenarios such as damage during transit, theft, loss, or natural disasters, thereby safeguarding your business assets during the relocation.