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Whether an individual is moving across the hall, or the entire company is moving to a different building or to a new city, relocating an office can introduce health and safety concerns that are not a “normal” part of business.Establish a time line of major tasks and requirements. Communicate clearly to staff why some tasks need to be done, when, and why they need to be done early.You should also try to plan the moving date around business cycles (i.e. move during production downtime or a “less busy” time of year).

An important part of relocating, whether it is across town or to a new city is to be aware of the impacts on the employees from a social perspective. These concerns may be on many issues such as:

  • Parking

  • Accessible bus transportation.

  • Local services, restaurants, etc.

  • Housing and moving services.

  • Any cultural and language challenges.

  • The differences between moving from a large to a small community and vice versa.

  • Where necessary, career assistance, relocation assistance, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), etc.

  • Family needs: elder care, spousal employment, child care, child education needs, etc.

  • List of local clubs or charities, as well as a recommended list of service companies (plumbing, electrical, heating, etc.).



Moving temporary and need to store your files or furniture? Expanding or not enough space for your office needs? There are many reasons why you need storage space for your office. Many local removal companies provide flexible office solutions or they are working closely with storage companies to make it more organized and cost efficient.

Make sure you ask the moving company for professional plastic crates and antistatic bubble wrap. If the budget is enough, you can ask the office movers to do the packing, as well. Probably the most important part is all crates/boxes to be labelled properly, so when you have them back, to be easier to find what you need. Give clear instruction to your packing team or the movers, if they are doing the packing.



If you consider moving your office abroad, there will be many difficult decisions to take and lots of planning involved. One part of it is to how to move all expensive office furniture, files and records and computer hardware safely and on time. Why not using Bookamover to find and compare local office movers. Each office relocation company on our platform is reliable and experienced. You can delegate the moving planning to the relocation removals company.

A very important part of the move is to check whether the insurance, which the moving company is providing, is enough to cover any losses or delays. Make sure all necessary moving documents are clear and moving dates are correct before you sign the acceptance form.

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