Moving out of a two-bedroom home is always much easier if you have a plan. Book A Mover has a 10 important steps guide on what to expect when using removal company to relocate out of 2 bedroom home and what would be your house moving costs. The guide is also important to remember important things you might forget about and regret later on a moving day or after.

Moving out planning time

Unless you have to urgently move out of your current home, always try to give enough time when planning your next move. Booking a reliable and trusted moving company at the last moment will be difficult and will cost considerably more. Try to reserve the moving company a minimum of 4 to 5 weeks before the actual moving date. Another benefit of booking early is the lower costs. When comparing local removal companies, most of them will be willing to slightly lower the price if their moving calendar is still empty on the requested date, but trying to book in the last moment will lower your chances to use the prefered movers or to move on lower price.

Rubbish and furniture clearance

Before even starting to look for removals companies around, try to get rid of old clothes, unwanted items and furniture and rubbish. Moving with less stuff will lower the final moving cost. It will take less time and less preparation too. If the furniture is old, but still in good condition, contact the British Heart Foundation as they might want to come and collect it for free. You can also donate clothes, books and small items to charity or second-hand shops. Any rubbish can be taken to your local disposal centre. They will usually allow you to throw it for free if you show them proof of residence like a council tax or a bill statement.

Alternatively, if you do not want to be bothered with the junk, ask the removal company to provide you with a quotation for disposal services. Living in a two bedrooms property can give you enough space to accumulate lots of unwanted items, which would not be needed at your new home.

Get removal quotes

Once you have found your new home and you have cleared the junk, it is time to look for local furniture moving firm. Instead of going through so many different removal websites, you can simply submit one request through Book A Mover and we will do the work on your behalf. Our only purpose is to find trustworthy local moving companies which fit your budget and needs.

Getting accurate quotations and prices will be very important, so you do not get any extra costs on the day or delays because of the removal van being too small. The final price will depend on important things like the size of the move, the distance between properties, the services required, and even the exact moving date.

2 bed flat, 1st floor10 miles£495
2 bed house5 miles£348
2 bed flat, 2 floor80 miles£865

Find local removal companies with only one search. Connect with the best moving experts in your area providing home or office removals.

Arrange a home survey

Arranging a home survey is crucial when moving out of a 2-bedroom property. It provides an opportunity to assess the condition of the property, identify any potential issues, and avoid disputes or additional expenses. A survey helps determine the property’s accurate value for selling or renting purposes. It uncovers hidden problems like structural issues, plumbing or electrical problems, and signs of dampness or pest infestation. Additionally, a survey highlights areas for energy efficiency improvements, benefiting both the environment and finances. Overall, a professional survey offers peace of mind, impartial assessment, and transparency throughout the moving process.

Parking removals suspensions

Moving heavy furniture is not easy. One of the important requests all moving companies always have is where they will be parking their removal vans or lorries. Try to arrange or suspend parking as close as possible to the front door. If you own a car you can park it the evening before the moving day right in front to keep a place for the movers in the morning. If the moving company will use a standard Luton van removal van for your two-bedroom move, they will need a minimum of 2 parking bays. Using a lorry will require 3 parking spaces, so unless you have 2 cars in your household, you will need to contact your local borough to arrange and suspend parking. People with their own parking will have no issues.

Moving to Birmingham

Property access and restrictions

If your moving date is confirmed let the moving company know. If you are flexible with when you can relocate, try to choose a weekday between Monday and Thursday. Most of the home removal firms are not that busy these days, so they might be willing to offer you a small discount. As you are moving out of a 2 bedrooms property, it is always better to start moving in the morning, so you can use the daylight. Typically moving out of a two-bedroom property locally takes around 6-7 hours to complete, so starting at 8 am or 9 am is a good start time.

Packing boxes and preparations

If you want to pack the boxes by yourself, start packing and preparing a minimum a week before the moving date. Wrapping and packing of fragile items, clothes, and books takes time. Once each box has been packed and sealed, do not forget to label what is inside and most importantly, if there are any breakable items inside. This will tell the removal men to be extra careful when moving and stacking the boxes with fragile inside.

There are lots of people moving who prefer to use packing and moving services instead. Yes, you will pay slightly more, but you do not need to be bothered with getting boxes and supplies, finding enough time to pack, and searching videos on how to pack breakables. Also, a professional packing company will be much quicker than you. They will also bring all materials needed to do full or partial packing of your belongings.

Find local removal companies with only one search. Connect with the best moving experts in your area providing home or office removals.

Booking the removal company

Once you receive all moving quotes and you are ready to book a removals provider, contact them directly over the phone or email. Request a written confirmation to be sent and once received go through all documents very carefully. Read all information provided and make sure you are happy with what they promise. Check if the insurance and everything you want is included, before the moving day. If there are any issues, discuss and request for updated confirmation to be sent again.

Most home relocation companies will ask for a deposit or full amount to be paid upfront, so be prepared to pay to secure your moving day, or they might not come at all. Try not to pay the full amount and just pay a fraction of the move and get a clear notification what will happen with the deposit, if your is posponed or cancelled for some reason.

On the removal day

The removal day will be stressful and busy. Try to make a plan and organize your day, so you can be present throughout your move. If you have young kids or pets, it will be best if someone can look after them. Ask your family or friends to drop the kids or your pet at their home untill the moving is over. If this is not an option, try to keep your children away from the movers and the heavy furniture. Have something to entertain them like video games or colouring pads.

It is a good idea to prepare food and drinks for the whole day. It will be really nice if you can prepare food and drinks for the movers too. Ordering pizzas and drinks from the local shop is a good alternative.

After the move

Try to unpack all boxes and check all furniture within 7 days after the removals is completed. Most moving companies offer to compensate to recover any damages and issues if you find any problems within 7 days, including the moving date. You can also discuss a potential boxes and rubbish collection after you are done unpacking with the movers.

Moving can be stressful, but planning ahead will make your life easier. Give enough time to find a removals company, as most good movers get fully booked very quick weeks ahead. Summer, late Spring and early Autumn are the busiest moving periods, so make sure you look for a moving company minimum 4 weeks ahead.

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