10 SEO Tips When Building A Removals Website

1. Choose a local hosting provider for a faster loading time

Ok, you have either a client who wants you to build a removals website or you do not want to pay someone else and you will build one for yourself. One of the first things to do before even choosing a website platform to use is finding a local reliable hosting provider. To make your website fast to hosting must be local to the visitors of the website you will be buiding. As an example, you have a customer who needs a removals website for his London removals business. The host provider servers must be in UK. If you use host company like Godaddy or Hostgator and chose their shared hosting services which are based somewhere in USA, but your removals business is mainly for UK, the website will be slower. Ideally you have to aim the website to load for no more than 2-3 seconds. Having the website to be on USA or another contitent servers will slow the website with unecessary 0.5-1 seconds.

2. Optimize your website for mobile devices and fast mobile loading time

Most people these days use their mobile phones to search for services they need. Mobile optimized website are ranked higher by Google and they give priority to fast loading websites on mobile devices. You can check if the removals company website is mobile friendly here: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

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3. Use tools like GTMetrix and Ubersuggest to check the speed and ranking of the website you build

Once the website is built and live and you are working on getting higher ranking, you will need tools like GTMetrix or google search console to analyze the traffic coming trough, bounce rate and speed. You will need to constantly monitor where the website is heading and how to improve.

4. Try to make all pages as long as possible

When creating each website page or post, think of how to make it more engaging. It is also very important to be long. The statistics are showing that pages with 2000+ words rank higher or get more interest at least. Most important is to make the page enganging and helpful to the visitors. If they do not find what they look for, they will quickly leave and the bounce rate of that page will be higher. You do not want this to happen as google will not rank your website higher.

5. Create a blog section and update it regularly 

To make the house moving website bigger, more informative and interesting you will need to create a blog section and post blog post daily or minimum weekly. Each blog post must be created around a certain keyword, so Google can rank this blog post higher if it thinks this is usefull information. Try to write a genuine and helpful information so you can engage your visitors. The more they stay on the website, the higher the website will rank. High bounce rate on a website is a signal for Google that the website is not helpful or it is not related to what the customers are looking for.

6. Register everywhere

Once the website is up and running, you will need to go through many review website and business directories. Submit the company and website details, so each place you submit it to will point towards the removals website you have created. Probably the most important ranking factor is the backlinks of a website. These days there is an additional requirement so you can rank higher. The backlinks must come from relevant websites with higher authority. You need to be looking for backlinks from website with DA 40+ or even higher, as the juice coming from them will rank your removals website higher. You can check the authorithy of each website pointing to the one you have created here: https://ahrefs.com/website-authority-checker .

Be aware that building hundreds of backlinks a day might give a warning to google that you are using ”black hat” techniques and this will harm the removals website more and even Google might penalized. Try to build the backlinks organically and the backlinks to be coming from original sources relating to the removals business. More about the ” black hat” techniques and what not to do you can find here: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/black-hat-seo .

7. Use social media to connect with the visitors

Social media is very important to connect with the visitors of the removals website. Lets admit, everyone is on facebook, twitter or instagram. This might not be a website creator job, so this advice is more for the website owner and business owner. It will be really hard to engage more visitors and customers without being present at social media. Create business pages for facebook, instagram, linkedin and all platforms. Try to post regurarly and connect them with your removal website. It will take time, but you will be surprised how much traffic and business you can get.

8. Create pages for all areas you are covering, find the best keywords to rank higher

When creating separate pages for each area the removals company will be serving, try to find what the most used words when someone is looking for a moving company in that area. You will need to imagine you are the customer and you will have to guess what they will be typing to find the moving service they are looking for. By using Ubbersuggest you can easily find what are the most used keywords and try to implement them into each page you are building. Our advice is not use more than 2 keywords in a page.

9. Spread the news – link with relevant media and blogs

Once the removals company website is up and running, it is time to spread the news and let everyone know it exist. Try to find blogs, online media and magazines to have an article about the new business and removals company website. If they are interested try to press on having a link pointing back to the website you have created. This is a strong signal for Google your site is important and visitors can find usefull information.

10. It will take time!

According the Google, you will not see much higher ranking and lots of visitors in the first year since the website was built. Another important ranking factors is the domain age. A very usefull trick when creating a removal company website is to try to buy an expired domain with minimum of 5-8 years . But this will create two problems- the name might not be the same as the business and owner wants and the domain may be penalized by Google and this will reflect negatively instead of boosting the removals website you put so many efforts to build. To check if the website name is fine to use there are 2 important tools you can use: Wayback Machine and ismywebsitepenalized.com


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