You have already planned your house move and a local house removals company has been booked, but you are not certain what to do during the COVID-19 ( or coronavirus ) spread. Now what? The best and easiest option is to try to self isolate and avoid contact with other people. But what if you don`t have a choice and you have to relocate. When your house is sold or you are currently renting, there are other people involved waiting to move in. Book A Mover has ten important tips if you are struggling to make a decision in this difficult situation.

1. Postpone or cancel your move if possible

2. Check the NHS and any government websites for updates

3. Ak the movers to wear masks, gloves and protective clothes

4. Try to disinfect all key areas and furniture

5. Elderly people to avoid being present during the move

6. Pack and wrap everything

7. Take the important documents, money and medicine in your bag

8. Keep distance while moving or even not present if possible

9. Inform the removals company if anyone is sick at home

10. Wear protective clothes and masks during the move

1. If possible try to postpone your move

If you are flexible and you can still occupy your current home try to postpone your move. Speak directly with your removals company and explain the situation. Make sure you give enough time to the movers so they can plan it accordingly. Off course, everyone should understand cancelling or postponing your move with short notice, if you have the COVID-19 virus symptoms but try your best to give enough time for the movers so you can avoid any cancellation fees and charges.

2. Check NHS and official government websites for any updates daily

Moving house requires lots of planning and preparation. If no one at home is feeling sick or has coronavirus symptoms you do not need to cancel your move or delay it. Before making any decisions, stay informed and check the NHS and Government websites for more information and updates. Book A Mover advise you to constantly monitor for any updates and restrictions imposed daily.

3. Ask the movers to wear facial masks, gloves and protective clothes

If your move is going ahead, contact your chosen moving company and request the moving team to come prepared and if possible to wear masks, gloves and protective clothes. It is a good idea to buy extra masks and gloves in case the moving company send the team unprepared. Ask them kindly to wash their hands and to try to keep everything as clean as possible. You will need to provide them washing facility, handwash or soap and hand sanitizers. It is important to understand- we have to protect people around us too.

4. Try to disinfect all key areas and furniture before the movers arrive 

Before the removals company arrive you can try to clean your home to protect from spreading any viruses outside your home. You can clean your floors, vacuum all carpets, wipe all door handles and clean toilets. Open all windows while the moving team is loading your belongings and make sure there is enough airflow in the building. Wipe all furniture with antiseptic wipes and inform your neighbours there will be movers in the building during certain hours, so they stay at home and avoid the removal guys.

5. Elderly people moving during the COVID-19 spread

As the current statistics of people infected with the coronavirus is not in favour of people over 60s years of age, you might be at risk to allow other people coming into your home. If you have any lung problems like asthma or COPD and you are over 60, try to get a younger family member to manage the move and to let the movers from the removals company in. You should try to avoid taking risks as COVID-19 is highly contagious and dangerous. If you think moving house can pose a risk to your health or you are not feeling well, speak with your moving company and NHS and work closely to find the best solution for all parties. No one wants to cancel their home move, but you can try to delay it as much as possible. Before cancelling or postponing your move check the removals company Terms&Conditions. If there are no restrictions imposed by the government and you give a too short notice to the moving firm, you might be charged a fine or the full amount.

6. Pack and wrap everything before the movers arrive

To avoid any risks try to pack all your clothes, books and dishes by yourself. The COVID-19 virus is spread through respiratory droplets and can be still alive for around 9-10 days on plastic surfaces. The risk to get the virus if the movers pack your boxes is minimal, but there is a good side of packing the boxes yourself- you will save lots of money for sure! If you will be buying the boxes, wipe them from outside with a wet cloth to remove any dirt. Book A Mover does not advise you to get second-hand boxes while there is a coronavirus spread. There is a high possibility of taking boxes at home from your local shop, touched by a shop assistant with COVID-19 symptoms.

7. Take the important documents, money and medicine in your bag

All important items like chargers, medicine, passports and money must be taken in your bag and not left for the movers to pack them into boxes. In case you are not feeling well in your new home, you do want to be going through numerous boxes to find the medicine you are looking for. If these important items will travel with the removal van, pack and label the box yourself. This box must go last and should be the first one to be offloaded and given directly to you.

8. Try to keep distance while moving or even not present if possible

It is a good idea to request the moving company to move your home while you are away. You just need to give them access, clear written instructions and wait for the movers to arrive at your new home. Once at your new home create a plan where everything will go and you can give another clear instruction note written on a piece of paper. Then leave them to do their job and go to the local park. Try to keep distance while in contact with the movers to prevent transmitting any viruses.

9. Inform the removals company if anyone from your family has COVID-19 symptoms

If anyone is not feeling well in your home you must call 111 and follow the NHS instructions. You or the person who is not feeling well must avoid inviting other people in their home and you should consider cancelling or postponing the move. As soon as you are certain you have all virus symptoms contact the authorities and the removals firm you have booked to inform them about your situation.

10. Wearing protective clothes and masks while movers are in your home

It might be difficult to find protective clothes and masks now, but it will be better to cover your hands, mouth and nose. The coronavirus spreads from person-to-person through respiratory droplets. This means you can catch COVID-19 virus through your mouth. If you cannot find any protective equipment, cover your face with a think scarf and try to stay on a distance from the movers if possible.