Time to prepare the small ones

If you are moving home to a new town or even a country, it is very important to prepare your kids for this change. Children need time when it comes to changes. The amount of time depends on the children`s age. The most important is to explain the benefits and all positive reasons to move to a new place- a bigger house, new friends or a new area to explore. It will be a very stressful experience for your kids if you keep it a secret and they find they are moving at the last moment.

If your kids are older, be prepared to answer lots of questions. You will need to have an answer to your kids’ most important question – how they will keep in contact with their friends. Most probably they have already established friendships at your current place, so it is important they know what will happen. Moving with kids it is more psychological change to your family, than moving from one property to another.

Move preparations

Is the moving day is approaching? Do you need to start preparing for the move? Get the kids involved in the preparations. Be positive when explaining the reasons they need to start preparing. Maybe you can tell them this is the right moment to find stuff they have been looking for a long time. Or maybe now they can organize their new room in the way they want to. It is the best time to declutter, so you can find a fun way of doing this. You can get your kids involved in charity. Prepare 1-2 boxes for them to fill with old and unused toys and explain to your children they will go to other kids in need. They might feel very proud of doing it. You can get quality boxes from here.

Moving with children in London

Favourite toys last

Do your children have favourite toys? Make sure they go with you in the car. In case they are going into a box, tell the moving company to put this box last. This way your kids will have their favourite toys first at the new place. This might be their soft animal toy, a doll or a game like Nintendo or Playstation. Having something they know from before at the new place it is very important.


Moving with kids