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Moving house process when moving to different types of properties

published 12.12.2020

 Moving furniture and appliances and trying to avoid all obstacles is not easy. Different property types offer different challenges, so it is worth to be mentioned, as you are probably moving soon to one of these types of properties.

1. Moving house process when moving to detached house

 Moving to a big detached house is probably the easiest of all. Most detached houses have their own off-street parking, a wide entrance and easy access. Most detached houses have a side or back entrance with wider access to big furniture. These types of properties do not share any walls with other properties and it is perfect if you want to keep your privacy. Typically, those houses have front and back gardens.

The removal men find it easy and less challenging when offloading household items into a detached house. If there is no side or back door for your garden furniture, ask the removal men from your chosen moving company to protect the floors before they start offloading your belongings. You don`t want messy and muddy floors after the movers are gone.

2. Moving house process when moving to a terraced house

Moving into terraced property is more challenging, as access can be difficult. Inside the property, the stairs might be narrow and steep and taking your cabinets and beds upstairs can be tricky. Compared to detached houses, rooms inside a terraced property can be smaller. The ceilings are also lower, so tall wardrobes must be measured before asking the removal company to assemble your old wardrobe. Lastly, you can also inform and apologies to your new neighbours you are moving in and there might be possible noise from the removals men and trucks. Your neighbours should be fine, but it is important to have a good first impression. 

3. Moving to a bungalow

 Moving to a bungalow can be very easy and challenging at the same time. Typically the problem comes from the size of the property. Most of the time people move to the bungalow with lots of items and finding space inside can be tricky.

Offloading into a bungalow is much slower than a detached house, as all empty spaces and rooms are quickly filled with big furniture and boxes. Bungalows typically have good parking access for a removal van but can be challenging if the removals company is using a big lorry.

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4. Moving house process when moving to a flat

There are three main reasons flats are the most difficult ones- stairs, lifts and parking are not suitable. This is why moving to a flat can be slightly more expensive compared to a house move. It is simply taking longer to move everything inside unless the flat is on the ground floor. Movers also do not like moving heavy furniture through the stairs, but who likes it, right?

If the building has a lift the furniture moving company can use it, but there could be too many residents using it. It is also important the lift be protected if possible, so as to avoid any damage to the walls and any mirrors inside the lift. Using removal trolleys can make the move quicker and cheaper.

5. Moving process when moving to a cottage

Cottages are typically in rural areas. They are similar to bungalows and can be difficult for getting everything inside. Another issue is also trying to reach the property with a big lorry. It is important to tell the movers if the road to your new home is accessible for big trucks, or if the movers will need to use smaller vans. Cottages have similar issues to bungalows- there might be not enough room for all your belongings if you are moving out of a house. Everything else for the moving company remains the same- they must protect the floors, and try not to damage or scratch any furniture and walls. Depending on the height of the ceilings, tall wardrobes might not fit, so it is better to measure everything before moving to your new property.

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