Having an insurance to cover any damages while your belongings are being moved is very important. There are many reasons why your expensive furniture might get damaged or scratched by the removals men. If your stairs are too narrow or if the furniture is not covered properly, there is a high risk of causing a damage.

When searching for the right moving company, always confirm if they have a ‘Goods in Transit’ cover in place. All reputable moving companies must have it in place to protect your goods while in transit. If the movers will provide this service anyway, check their terms and conditions before committing anything. There is usually a limit on claims and it might be very low and insufficient. You also need to complete an inventory list with the items going with an insurance purpose. In case you don`t send this, your goods might be insured up to a certain amount. Most of the times the insurer will cover up to £40.00 per item if there is no inventory list on place.

In some cases your home insurance might be enough your goods to be covered. Speak with your insurance company to confirm it before the moving company arrive.

There are couple of insurance policies, which each removal company must have in place:

– Goods in Transit – all moving companies must have a professional insurance for breakages. This is usually called ”Goods In Transit ” insurance, but it also covers the packing and unpacking process of your belongings. Typically you will have another 7 days after the movers are gone to check and report any damages, so take your time and make sure you are happy with the service and there is nothing scratched and broken. 

-Vehicle insurance – Vehicles which the removal company is using must be insured and taxed accordingly. In case of any property damage or road traffic while helping you move, they must be able to cover and compensate any repairs and faults while the removal vans are in use.

-Public liability – very important insurance cover. In case of a negligent from the company employess and personal or property damage occur, this cover should be able to compensate any financial issues. A typical maximum for a public liability is £2,000,000 or over.

-Employee liability – this is optional but it helps. It will cover and medical bills if an employee gets hurt and require a medical assistance.