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oving house is an important and stressful part of our lives. There are so many things to plan and consider when it comes to moving – from changing your GP to getting the right local movers to help you move. Depending on the amount of belongings you have accumulated over the years, you also need to consider if you will do it yourself or you will need to use the services of a local removals company. In case you are hiring local movers, make sure you do a thorough check on the chosen removals. Go through their customers feedback experience, ask all necessary questions regarding the moving day and request for all documents to be sent to you prior to the moving day, so you can be aware what to expect. One important part when moving your valuable furniture is to have an insurance in place. There are many reasons why your expensive furniture might get damaged or scratched by the movers.

When searching for the right moving company, always confirm if they have a ‘Goods in Transit’ cover in place. All reputable moving companies must have it in place to protect your goods while in transit. If the movers will provide this service anyway, check their terms and conditions before committing anything. There is usually a limit on claims and it might be very low and insufficient. You also need to complete an inventory list with the items going with an insurance purpose. In case you don`t send this, your goods might be insured up to a certain amount. Most of the times the insurer will cover up to £40.00 per item if there is no inventory list on place.

In some cases your home insurance might be enough your goods to be covered. Speak with your insurance company confirm it before the moving company arrive.