Moving home could be expensive. First you need to buy lots of removal boxes and packaging. If you are working long hours during the day, you might want the movers to pack the boxes. Then the move itself will cost anything from a few hundred pounds to a couple of thousand pounds. There is nothing wrong to try to save as much as you can off your moving costs. You can start saving by comparing removal companies and their prices. You need to submit your moving request through our platform HERE and then wait for 5 local removers to contact you with prices and offers. Before speaking with all moving companies, it is worth reading our five tips bellow how to save off your moving price. There are things you can do to lower the price and it is not that difficult to do any of them.

1. Do the packing and unpacking of the boxes yourself

Packing and unpacking of the small items is time consuming and probably it might double your moving cost if you ask the movers to do it for you. If you have enough time and you can have family or friends to help you, try to pack the boxes yourself. To get a professional advice on how to pack fragile items, read more about it here.

Before you start preparing the removal boxes, make a list and think about how you will label each box. If you have a plan, this will be easier once you have to unpack the boxes at your new home. Place clothes and linen in the big boxes as they are lighter than books, glass or metal. Once each box is filled up do not forget to label and leave a short description somewhere outside the box. If there are no arrows printed, draw arrow pointing the direction which side of the box is up and which one is down. It is very important the removal guys to know how to stack all boxes in the removal van.

You can also write numbers on all boxes, so you know how many boxes in total have to arrive at your new home. This way you can easily find if all the boxes are delivered.

The most important and hard job is packing of the breakables. Use as many paper, old magazines, old soft clothes as you can. Wrap each items individually and place crubmled paper in between. Place all dishes vertically as placing them on top of each other will break some or all of them. It is important to label all boxes with breakables inside as fragile. Use a special printed tape with sign ”Fragile” or just mark with big letters on couple od sides. This is again for the movers to know what is inside and how to place each box inside their removal truck. 

2. Get second hand boxes from the local shops

Go to your local grocery shops and ask if they can give you some sturdy clean boxes. Usually you can get a lot boxes this way for free. Make sure they are not wet and they are minimum double-walled, so the boxes can carry the weight and survive the travel. In case you still want to buy quality removal boxes you can get them from here.

If using old boxes, it is always good idea to put your clothes and beddings into bags or try to wrap them with clean paper. The boxes you took from your local store might have dirt left or something spilled inside and you don`t want your favourite shirts and jeans damaged after removals.

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3. Get rid of unwanted furniture, clothes or toys

You can lower the amount of stuff to be moved to your new property by getting rid of unwanted furniture, clothes, books or children toys. Book  A Mover always advice to declutter your belongings before the removers come. You can save at least 20-30% off your next move.If the items are not big and you believe you can do it yourself, use your local recycling centre. Give them a call and check what the conditions to use are. Most, if not all, will need a proof of residency to use the dumping yard for free. There might certain items which will be prohibited for recycling, or you might be extra charged.

Alternatively you can either contact your council if they collect old furniture for free or contact your local British Heart Foundation and they can also do free collections straight from your home. As a last tip, you can use websites which offer free items like Preloved or LatestFreeStuff.

4. If moving locally move the small items with your car

Moving in your area you live, you can move all small items yourself and ask the local removal company to move the bulky items like furniture, garden plant pots and tools only. This way you might save from your moving cost. Why not moving your bags and boxes with your car and help from family members and friends. Hiring a small van or even borrow one from a friend or a neighbour. It is an ideal situation, as you wil get to know your new home, so when the movers arrive with your furniture you will already have an idea where everything will be placed.

5. Take your beds or wardrobes apart by yourself or ask a friend to help

This task require tools and experience, so we advice using a professional removals help. In case you want to do it yourself, make sure you have the correct tools and manuals before you do it. Measure if the item will fit through the corridors and doors, as sometimes dismantling might not be required. Don`t forget where you will put the screws and all small parts of the furniture, as you will need them at the new place to assemble it back.



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