Where To Find and How To Use Any London Recycling Center

Wheter you want to empty the garage or clear the attic, each London borough has its own recycling centre where you can go and dispose your rubbish. If you are planning to move, Book A Mover advise you to try to reduce the ammount if items you will take. Old bookcase or a broken chair can be replaced with a new one, so why not take it to the tip. If you are refurbishing the garden, you can use your local recycling centre and throw most of the rubbish with some restrictions. More information and details for each area of London you can find below.

1. East London Recycling Centres

If you live in East London area and you need to get rid of old furniture or simply rubbish, there are couple of dumping yards where you can use for Free if you are resident of the borough. Just bring a proof like a council tax letter and you can enter with you car for free unlimited times. There are restrictions about certain items and if you are using a van or a removals company, there will be charges for using the yard.

The recycling centre in Barking & Dagenham is called Frizlands Lane RRC. You can check more details here.

The recycling centre for Havering is called Gerpins Lane RRC. More information about the address and how to use it here.

Newham`s recyling centre is called Jenkins Lane RRC. More information about this dumping yard in East London here.

Redbridge has its own recycling centre too. It is called Chigwell Road RRC. More information about the address and any restrictions here.

2. North London Recycling Centers

There are couple of centres in North London, where you can dispose you rubbish. Book A Mover still advise you to donate old clothes, furniture, CDs and books to charity shops if they are in good condition. In case you must use a recycling Centre in North London they are:

Haringey Recycling Centre- more information where is situated and how to use it here.

Summers Lane in Barnet – details about the centre conditions here.

Islington RRC- Opening times and restriction you can find more here.

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3. South London Recylcing Centers

Lewisham has its own recycling centre. More information you can find here.

Southwark has a recycling centre too. You can find all neccesary information here.

4. West London Recycling Centers

There is one recycling centre for Chelsea, Kennsington, Hammersmith, Fulham, Lambeth and Wandsworth. More information about this centre here.

Acton Re-use and recycling centre is also a choise if you live in West London area. More information about it here.

5. Central London Recylcing Centers

Smugglers Way RRC- more information and details about this recylcing centre in Westminster you can find here.


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