Finding a moving company you can trust to help you move is important and difficult. There are many things to go wrong- they might damage your expensive furniture, start overcharging you for no reason or even not turning up on your moving day. So it is very important to do your research before making your final decision. As a first step, you can submit your moving request through Book A mover, so we can find the best 5 local removal companies in your area. Once you have all their quotes received, use our 8 important steps to find the truly best movers out of all.

1. Check their online presence and reviews

Most customers these days make a decision to buy something after reading the product or services reviews online. Having an excellent online presence and feedback history makes a big difference. Once you have your moving quotes received, check each company online reputation. All moving companies rely on past customers recommending their services. Relocation services and advertisement has slowly moved to be presented mainly online- almost every removals company have an official webpage where you can find all the necessary information. Most of the companies will try to convince you they are the best at what they do- helping people move to their new home. Most removers also register at various review websites, where the previous customers can recommend and give feedback on the services they received. So it is worth checking if the movers you want to use have good reviews. There are a few main platforms where you can find the truth about each moving company:




Google reviews

There are many other platforms like Freeindex, Sirelo and Referenceline, but we at Book A Mover believe the top 4 websites must be your focus point.

2. Bad reviews- how each mover resolve the issues

No one is perfect. Moving heavy furniture and boxes is not easy and mistakes can happen. Sometimes a customer might be too quick to judge and make big statements. The question is- how a removals company resolve issues when they arise? Ok, you are thinking of choosing a certain home moving company and their reviews are all excellent. Is that suspicious? Sometimes this can be a sign of buying fake reviews to build a nice looking online presence. People say- if it too good to be true, probably it isn`t. How about if most of the reviews are good. It is important to check how is the company dealing with claims and complaints. Everyone makes mistake and damages can happen- but are the movers you want to choose are willing to cooperate? Will they investigate and apologize if the claims are true? Will they sort the problem in favour of the client? This is important as if something happens, you will be in the same situation.

3. Removals recommendations

Making the choice is easier when the movers are recommended by a close friend or a family member.

4. Being part of removals or quality control organizations

Being a member of BAR, FIDI or AIM give huge credibility to a removals company.

5. Check if the company is legit

Before making your final decision it is always worth to check if this company really exist- they are registered with HMRC, have their own insurance, VAT registration and so on. Paying lots of money to a fraud company is not a good idea.

6. Emails and phone communication 

Do you get an answer within 24 hours? How about taking your phone calls? Are they rude or polite every time?

7. Ask for a home visit

A very good idea is to ask the removals company to send their representative for a home survey. Meeting someone from this company before they help you move can give you an idea with the type of people working for them and the attitude they have towards customers.

8. Price matters

No matter what price is always important. But do you really need to choose the cheapest removal company?