Reason One: They can advice on parking

Your local movers know the city streets, the best roads to avoid traffic, and how to transport your entire household safely. That level of expertise is worth the cost alone. Sure, you could read a map or stick your face in a smartphone for the duration of the trip. You’re likely to miss a turn. A local mover won’t, though. Let a professional get you where you’re going quicker!

Reason Two: Buy removal boxes from their local depot

If your chosen moving company is not far from your home and you are planning to pack your belongings by yourself, you can get moving boxes and other packing materials directly from the removals company. Because they are local they can probably deliver them for free. Get advice on what you will need from the local removals expert and some tips on how to do it, so the movers can transport them safely.

Reason Three: Better chance they come on time

The chance a local moving company to be late on your moving day is minor. The reason is very simple- they are close and chances they are stuck in traffic for a long time are lower. This way you can avoid any delays of loading and vacating the property on time.

Reason Four: An experienced moving surveyor can visit your home

If your property is 2 bedrooms or bigger, it is always worth to arrange a home survey. The local moving company will send a surveyor to calculate the total volume of your belongings, so they know what size of the vehicle to use. The moving company will also advise of the final cost of your move. No one wants to be surprised with any extra costs on a moving day.

Reason Five: If a complaint has been raised during the move, you can visit their office and discuss it face to face

Many things can happen during the move. You might get an items damaged, or even a rude removals company personnel. If they are ignoring your phone calls but the removal company is local, you can visit their office and raise your issues in person. On the other hand Bookamover advice to contact an independent advisor like BAR or Furniture Ombudsman to sort the problem bewteen the Removal Company and you as their customer. Visiting the removals company office without an arranged meeting, might make the situation worse.