Moving house is an important part of our life. Sometimes this can be very stressful. Finding a reliable local removal company can be daunting and challenging. It is important as they will move your expensive TV or bed and you don`t want them to scratch or damage your furniture. Once you found a trusted removal company you need to start getting ready for the moving day. Here are 10 things you need to prepare before the movers arrive.

1. Declutter your house

Give yourself enough time before the moving day, so you can decide what you will take and what you can leave or take to the recycling centre. Over the years we all collect lots of stuff we don`t really need and use, so it is better to get rid of the items you will not need at your new home before the movers arrive. Bookamover advice you this to be done even before you call the removal company to do a home survey. This can make a big difference in the removal price.

2. Label the boxes

If you are preparing the boxes or containers yourself, make sure you label each one of them accordingly. The most important part is to mark clearly which boxes are fragile, as these boxes will go on the top. Have a plan where the boxes will go at the new property, as the movers will be asking you where everything needs to go once they start unloading their vehicle. Have 1 or 2 boxes with the stuff you will need immediately after you arrive at the new property and label them accordingly. This way you will know exactly where to look at. This might be medicine, coffee or even computers and clothes.

3. Organize the parking

In case you live in a busy area, it is better to speak with your local council and get advice on how to organize parking in front of your property for the removal company`s vehicles. Make sure you organize suitable and close distance parking at the old and the new address. It is crucial for the removal men to load or unload their vehicle quicker and to avoid any extra charges.

4. Moving with children

If possible leave your children to a relative to look after them while you are coordinating the movers on the moving day. Ask someone from your family before the moving date if they can look after your kids. If this is not possible, make sure you have a plan and find a way to keep any children out of the movers’ way. It is dangerous for both sides and someone might get hurt. It will also slow the moving company down.

5. Moving with pets

Moving with pets is exactly the same situation like moving with children. Make sure your beloved dog or cat is not on the movers` way!

6. Moving a fish tank

In case you have a fish tank at home and you have to move it to the new property, the moving company will want the fish tank to be empty. This is a must if the fish tank is filled with water. For your fish, you can buy specially designed travel bags from here.

7. Snacks and meals for the moving day

1-2 days before the moving day, buy snacks, food and coffee, which you can use while you are moving. You can prepare sandwiches and other healthy food like fruits or vegetables, as the moving day is always exhausting and long enough so you will not have time in the evening for cooking. It will be really nice if you treat the movers with tea, coffee and sandwiches during the move! In case you haven`t got anything, you can order them pizza from the local pizza shop.

8. Organize the after cleaning

Before the moving day arrives, speak with the chosen removals company representative and get an idea roughly what time the house will be empty, so you can schedule after tenancy cleaning if this is needed. You don`t want the cleaners to arrive too early and wait for the movers to do their job first.

9. Inform the neighbours

Let your neighbours know you will be moving in or out, so they can expect big lorries reversing and parking on the road. Your neighbours might be annoyed by the movers going up and down on the staircase or constantly using the lift, so try to prepare them prior to the moving day. This is unavoidable, but letting your neighbours know will give them a chance to be more prepared for any delays caused.

10. Change the address on your bills

Lastly, make sure you redirect all your bills coming to your new address. If they are keep coming to your old address, you might miss deadlines and receive fines because of this negligence.