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London relocation is more complicated than anywhere else in the UK. Any house removals company will tell you how difficult could be to move when the parking hasn`t been arranged or the lift is not working or the removal men are not allowed to use it.

When requesting a removal quote try to be honest and give as much information as possible if you want to get an accurate price. Below we have a few useful tips to get you started preparing for your upcoming London move.

How much do house movers cost in London?

The cost of house movers in London can vary depending on several factors such as the size of your home, the distance of the move, the number of belongings you have, and any additional services you require. Typically, house moving costs are determined by either an hourly rate or a fixed fee.

For a local move within London, hourly rates for a team of 2 house movers can range from £60 to £85 per hour. The exact rate may vary between different moving companies and can also depend on the specific services included, such as packing, furniture disassembly, or storage. With increasing the number of removal men involved, the hourly rate could increase to £110 for 3 men and £135 for a team of 4 movers.

House movers hourly rates in London.
MoversHourly rates
2 Men£60-£85
3 Men£80-£110
4 Men£100-£135

For long-distance moves, where you are relocating outside of London or even to another country, costs are typically calculated based on the volume or weight of your belongings and the distance of the move. Such moves often involve more extensive planning, transportation logistics, and additional services, so prices can vary significantly. It’s advisable to obtain quotes from multiple moving companies and discuss your specific requirements to get a more accurate estimate.

Extra costs to consider when moving long-distance:

Fuel: £1.50-£3.00 per mile

Toll charges: There are extra charges on M6, also Dartford River Crossing, Severn Bridge, and Humber Bridge.

Ferry charges: We have removal requests submitted from people moving from London to the Isle of Wight, where you need to use a Freight ferry to go to the island

Higher moving prices due to traveling long-distance. Most London removal companies pay extra bonuses to their removal men when traveling long distances.

Source: RAC

Removals Parking Arrangements

Arranging suitable parking for your move within London when using a removals company is of utmost importance for several reasons. Firstly, London is known for its congested roads and limited parking spaces. By securing a parking spot in advance, you ensure that the removals company can conveniently park their vehicle close to your property, minimizing the distance they have to carry your belongings and speeding up the moving process.

Secondly, having designated parking for the removal company prevents any unnecessary delays or disruptions. Without proper parking arrangements, the removals team might have to park far away, leading to additional time and effort spent shuttling between their vehicle and your property. This can result in increased costs, especially if the removals company charges by the hour.

Furthermore, arranging suitable parking shows consideration for your neighbours and the local community. Blocking driveways or obstructing traffic flow can create frustration and inconvenience for others. By obtaining permission or permits for parking, you demonstrate respect for your surroundings and help maintain positive relationships with your neighbours.

In addition, efficient parking arrangements contribute to the safety of your move. With a designated parking space, the removal team can unload and load your belongings without risking accidents or damage to vehicles or pedestrians passing by. This ensures a smoother and safer moving experience for everyone involved.

Overall, arranging suitable parking for your move when using a London removals company streamlines the process, minimizes delays, maintains positive relationships with neighbours, and ensures the safety of your belongings and those around you. Taking the time to organize parking in advance is a small but crucial step that can significantly contribute to the success of your move.

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Width and height restrictions in London

If you are moving out of a bigger house, most probably you want the removals company to send the biggest lorry they have. When planning the move, the removals manager will need to know the total volume of your belongings, so he/she can plan what size of vehicle has to be sent. Sometimes only one vehicle might not be enough, so a second or a third might be needed. This is why most moving companies are keen to visit your home prior to your move. Neither you nor the removal men do not want to be surprised by the volume to be loaded. Most, if not all, London moving companies have and prefer to use the famous Luton-type van. This is a 3.5t box van which is usually suitable for one and two bedrooms properties. It is big enough for a couple of pieces of furniture and all boxes and bags. It is small enough to manoeuvre through the busy London traffic and narrow street.

For bigger properties, removal companies usually use 7.5t, 10t or 12.5t lorries. These specially designed trucks can move easily a three or four bedrooms property, but there are complications when using these vehicles in London. In many places there are width restrictions in place and lorries might be forbidden to pass through. The driver will need to circle around to find a suitable place to enter your street or it might not be even possible to enter at all. There are also bridges and tunnels, where there is a height restriction in place and a removal lorry will not be allowed to pass through. If you are looking for a removal company with large trucks, you can submit your specific request through Book A Mover and we will make sure to find you the best local results.

Finally, there are bridges around London and on the Thames river, which forbid vehicles with a certain weight to use the bridge. All these restrictions are very important for the removal company and their transport manager, so they can plan the moving route. The movers will need to know if there are any width and height restrictions in your area. Be aware any overhead cables in front of your property, could also cause a serious problem too. So remember, when visiting your new property, do check the parking situation and any lorry restrictions, so you can advise the moving company accordingly.

London removal advise

Extra charges when moving to London

Living in the Central part of London is amazing. Moving to Central London ( like Mayfair and Westminster) is great. If you will be using a Central London moving company to help you move, be aware there are some extra charges when using a certain type of vehicle in some central parts of London. From Monday to Friday vehicles entering central London must pay a daily charge, called the Congestion Charge. This is from 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. You can check the congestion charge map here, to find out if your address is within that area. So if you want to avoid paying extra, try to organize your move to be completed over the weekend.

Another extra transport fare is the ULEZ charge or Ultra Low Emission Zone. This is to help improve the air quality in central London and it operates 24hrs, 365 days of a year. Vehicles with EURO 6 engines are exempt from paying this charge. It is worth getting a removal company with a newer vehicle. This is another sign the removals firm really cares about its customers and the moving experience. In case the vehicle does not meet the EURO 6 emissions standards, vehicles up to 3.5t will have to pay £12.50 per day. Lorries over 3.5t pay a daily charge of £100. This is a big difference when planning your moving budget, so be wise and careful when choosing the best movers and your moving day.

Find local removal companies with only one search. Connect with the best moving experts in your area providing home or office removals.

Inform the neighbours

When moving to a new flat or a quiet street, it will be nice to let the neighbours know which day it will be and the time you are planning the removal company to arrive. No one likes big removal vans to park in front of their home, causing chaos and blocking the road. Certainly, no one likes the sound of loud removal men moving furniture. If you inform your new neighbours the day you are moving in, they might even make it easier by going out for the day. A simple card through the post with a sincere apology will be much better than a late apology after the move is over and every neighbour is still recovering from the chaos and obstruction caused.

If you live in a flat in a big building, do not forget to inform the concierge or the property manager. They should find and arrange parking space for the removal van, but you will have to notify of which day and time they will arrive. If the removal men have to use a lift, check with the concierge if there are any special restrictions like lift protection or lift weight restriction. Let the movers know if the lift is used by lots of other people and if is it slow or fast, as it will make a difference in the removal hours and final price if you are using an hourly rate removal service.

London`s rush hour

Officially the population in London is over eight million people and it is growing hourly. Every year the London traffic is becoming bigger and bigger. The number of vehicles using the streets is growing in numbers, but using the same London road network which hardly changes. And we must add the normal roadworks, which are never stopping.

Same as all big cities in the world, London has traffic rush hours. Bookamover advises you to try to avoid it when moving. The more the removal van is sitting in the traffic, the more you will probably have to pay.

There are two times of the day that you need to try to avoid. This is from 7.30 am to 10 am in the morning and from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm in the evening. These are times when everyone goes to work or takes the kids to school in the morning and leaves work in the afternoon.

If your move is big, try to get the removal company to start early- 7 or 8 am. If they manage to load until lunchtime they will also avoid the afternoon traffic and will be on time at the new property to unload. Save yourself the headache and extra costs by planning the moving properly. Our best advice is to speak with the removal company and get advice on loading and travel times, so you can plan ahead.

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