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Why Compare London Movers?

Save up to 30% when using local removal specialists based in London to move home or office.

Cost Efficiency

Prices can vary significantly between companies, and obtaining quotes from several services ensures you don’t overpay.

Services Offered

Compare varying levels of service like full packing and unpacking services, furniture disassembly, and reassembly, and storage.


In London’s busy environment, comparing movers helps you find one that fits your specific moving schedule.

Safe Transport

Using Book A Mover ensures you select one with insurance and liability coverage that safeguards your belongings for a worry-free move.


Checking reviews and ratings helps you compare and choose reliable services, avoiding those with poor service histories.

Moving Companies London Stats

Some interesting information about the London removal services.

Cheapest day to hire London Movers

Sunday is the most affordable day to move with costs averaging at £655. This finding comes from a study that compared average quotes provided to users. Conversely, Friday ranks as the most expensive day to move. Saturday is the second most expensive day to use a professional moving service.

London Moving Weekly Price

Best month to use moving company in London

January is the best month to find cheap London moving services without compromising the overall quality. Many top-rated specialists prefer to lower their prices when the demand is low during the first months of the year. On the other hand, the most expensive month to use London house moving help is July. The next most expensive month is August.

Most often size of property moved

The most often requested size of property that needs moving in London is 2 bedrooms flats. Also the most requested service when moving out od 2 bedrooms flat is packing and moving service.

What extra London moving help you can get?

All London moving partners we work with, can provide services like packing of the boxes, diss-assembly and re-assembly of furniture, storage and specialist services like piano transport.

How long it take to receive the quotes?

All selected movers will receive your details within a few minutes. It will be up to them if they will try to contact you over the phone, via email or text message and when they will contact you. You will receive an email giving you the list of the companies, so if you do not want to wait you can contact them too.

What To Expect From The Movers?

From price transparency and reliable customer service to quick, safe and organized moving day.

Realistic Prices And No Hidden Costs

Once you receive all quotes, check and confirm with each company if the prices shown are final and there will be no hidden costs. Typical costs which could be added are waiting time fees and stairs charges.

Branded Vans With Friendly Movers

London removal companies with branded vans shown on their websites could mean they are proud of their work. The movers must be trained, able to lift heavy furniture and with friendly attitude.

Excellent Time Management

London is a very busy city. Check the reviews of the company you want to use and look for any issues with coming on time, loading at the agreed time and any travel delays. Issues like this can be problematic on the moving day.

What People Say About Us

Check some of the good reviews we have received recently.

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Jessica, Trustpilot


“Simple, user-friendly, and trustworthy. Made my move stress-free. Highly recommend!”

Gregory, Google


“Really good experience. Not too much phone calls. All companies were quick and very professional.”

Sarah, Trustpilot


London Movers Costs

Find out what are the average moving costs in London and what to expect using us.

  • The average removal cost when using movers in London for a 3-bedroom home is £756, based on a moving distance of up to 10 miles

  • London removal costs can vary from between £265 for a one-bedroom flat to £1,620 for a 4-bedroom house

  • Moving within London can have extra charges like Congestion charges, ULEZ fees and parking permits

Getting an accurate price when moving home will depend on important factors like the size of the move, boxes needed for packing, property access and even your moving date.

PropertyServicesAverage Price
1 bedroommoving only locally£265
2 bedroomsmoving only locally£438
3 bedroomsmoving only locally£756

For bigger properties than 2 bedrooms, most moving experts will strongly advise you to arrange a home visit, so you can get a correct estimate and avoid any hidden costs. Without knowing the important moving details, most moving companies will offer an hourly rate. If you are not sure what hourly rate means and if is it better, check our post about how your house moving costs will be calculated so you make a better decision and avoid the stress and disappointment later.

The average removal cost for moving from a one-bedroom property using a London removal company is in the £245 – £315 price range while moving from a two-bedroom property is in the £396 – £685. If you want to add a packing service you are looking at around £250 for every 20 boxes to be packed, including the materials. Any additional services like furniture dismantling or even storage will add extra costs to the final moving price you will receive from all removal companies which will contact you.

Movers and Packers

Moving Companies London

If you prefer to choose London manually, you can select one of the companies below.

Using London Removals FAQs

Get answers to almost everything you don`t understand. Make an informative decision on who to hire.

Do you charge for receiving quotes?

Once you submit your request we will match it with the best 6 house removals in London services. They will provide you with quotations for free. Any removal company in London asking you to pay for a removals quote is a scam and do not give any money to them. All removal companies working with Book A Mover pay us to receive the submitted information, but they all need to provide a FREE removal quote to you. A home visit or video survey organized by the removal firm must be free of charge too.

Who is reponsible for the parking?

Navigating parking in London can be a challenge due to strict regulations, limited spaces, and frequent congestion in many parts of the city. In the context of a move, this can complicate the process significantly as removal companies need suitable and legal parking to load and unload your belongings efficiently. As a result, it falls to the customer to arrange suitable parking for the removal company in advance of the moving day. This might involve reserving a spot, arranging permits, or communicating with local authorities or property managers to ensure that the removal vehicle can park without issue, thereby ensuring a smooth and hassle-free moving process.

Do London movers offer international moves?

Many London movers offer international relocation services, making them a one-stop solution for your moving needs, no matter the destination. These services provide a comprehensive approach to moving, covering everything from packing and customs documentation to shipping and unpacking at your new location. The key benefit is the reduction of stress and complexity associated with international moves – by entrusting your relocation to professionals experienced in global logistics, you can focus on adapting to your new environment while they handle the intricacies of your move.

Can I ask the movers to pack the boxes?

Any removals company in London should offer and provide packing services. If it is just a few boxes to be packed, the movers should not have a problem doing this on the day. A large number of boxes are always better to be packed a day in advance. This always must be discussed prior to your move with the moving company you chose. If not discussed ahead of the move, the removal men most probably will not come with packing materials inside their van and they will not be able to help.

Transporting boxes or crates are much easier, safe and preferred for the removal companies. Many people use bags to pack, but they are not good for transporting your belongings and could get damaged during the move.

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