Find out what are the benefits of moving to Hounslow. What are the best and safest areas to live in Hounslow and what are the local schools, transport and entertainment like?

Moving to Hounslow

Where is Hounslow?

Hounslow, situated in the western region of Greater London, is a vibrant and diverse borough known for its rich history and cultural melting pot. Established as a hub for transport and trade in the Victorian era, the area is historically notable for its links to the British aviation industry. Today, it continues to serve as a major gateway to the city due to its proximity to Heathrow Airport.

The borough is home to a tapestry of multicultural communities, offering a unique mix of global cuisine, cultural festivals, and local markets. Renowned attractions include the lush Syon Park, the historic Hounslow Heath, and the stately Osterley Park and House. Hounslow, embodying a mix of bustling urban life and serene natural spaces, indeed provides a unique slice of London’s dynamic cityscape.

Hounslow high street

Best Hounslow Parks

Find out which are the three best parks in Hounslow, where you can walk, relax and have lovely family gatherings.

Hounslow Heath

This local nature reserve is an important historic site as well as a great place for outdoor activities. It offers a variety of natural habitats, including woodlands, heathlands, and wetlands, and provides a sanctuary for many species of plants and animals.

Syon Park

One of the most well-known parks in Hounslow, Syon Park is part of the estate of the Duke of Northumberland and boasts over 40 acres of stunning gardens. It features a spectacular conservatory, the Great Conservatory, that is a magnificent example of Victorian glass and ironwork.

Osterley Park

A National Trust property, Osterley Park and House offer a picturesque parkland and a neo-classical mansion. The park is home to numerous plant and wildlife species, and the house provides a fascinating glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of the Child family who lived there in the 18th century.

Hounslow Markets

Where is the best local market in Hounslow, where you can find fresh food and more?

Hounslow Markets

Located right in the center of Hounslow, this vibrant market offers a wide variety of goods, from fresh local produce to clothing and accessories. With its bustling atmosphere and numerous street food stalls, it’s a great place to experience the local culture.

Brentford Park

This popular weekly market takes place every Sunday in the heart of Brentford, a town within the borough of Hounslow. It showcases the best of local food producers, offering everything from organic fruits and vegetables to artisan bread and pastries, local honey, and specialty cheeses.

Osterley Park Farm Shop

Nestled in the grounds of Osterley Park and House, this charming market operates on weekends, offering a selection of locally sourced produce, handmade crafts, and delicious baked goods. The market allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the park while shopping for unique items.

Hounslow Services

Local transport, schools, restaurants, kids’ play areas and more.

Hounslow Buses

As a London borough, Hounslow is well served by the extensive network of Transport for London (TfL) buses, which provide excellent connectivity to other boroughs and central London.

  • Route 237 runs between Hounslow Heath and White City, passing through Chiswick, thus linking Hounslow with the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

  • Route H91 connects Hounslow West with Hammersmith, passing through Osterley and Chiswick.

  • Route 267 is another key route, running between Hounslow Bus Station and Hampton Court, passing through Brentford and Twickenham, thereby connecting Hounslow with the borough of Richmond upon Thames.

  • Route 81 provides a link from Hounslow to Slough, passing through the nearby London borough of Hillingdon.

  • Route 111 connects Hounslow with Kingston upon Thames via Hampton, providing a link to this nearby borough.

Hounslow Schools

Choosing the right school is a highly personal decision and should be based on various factors including the specific needs and interests of the child. However, here are three primary schools in Hounslow that, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, have been recognized for their strong performance:

  • St Mary’s Catholic Primary School: St Mary’s is a Catholic voluntary aided school in Osterley. It is highly rated and noted for both its educational standards and its values-driven approach.

  • The Orchard Primary School: Based in Hounslow, this school is known for delivering a rich, broad curriculum and for its positive nurturing environment.

  • Cranford Primary School: This is a popular school in Cranford, recognized for its commitment to inclusive education and for providing a broad and balanced curriculum.

While the rankings of secondary schools can change from year to year based on numerous factors, including exam results and Ofsted reports, as of my last training cut-off in September 2021, these schools in Hounslow have been noted for their excellence:

  • The Heathland School: This is a highly-regarded co-educational secondary school and sixth form. It’s known for strong academic performance and a wide variety of extracurricular activities.
  • Lampton School: Lampton School is a multi-cultural, mixed, Academy school for pupils aged 11 to 18. It has been recognized as an “Outstanding” school by Ofsted and is part of the same academy trust as the Heathland School.
  • St Mark’s Catholic School: This is a successful, mixed Roman Catholic school noted for both its academic results and its emphasis on character development.

Main Hounslow Hospital

West Middlesex University Hospital: Located in Isleworth within the Borough of Hounslow, this is a major acute hospital providing a full range of local hospital services for the populations of the London Boroughs of Hounslow, Richmond upon Thames, and beyond.

Hounslow Estate Agents

Hounslow has many estate agencies that can assist with buying, selling, or renting properties. Here are three local estate agents based in Hounslow:

  • DBK Estate Agents: Located in Hounslow, DBK Estate Agents provides a wide range of residential and commercial services including sales, lettings, and property management.

  • Blue Estate Agents: This local estate agent offers services in buying, selling, and letting properties in Hounslow and the surrounding areas.

  • Diamond Move Estate Agent: Also based in Hounslow, Diamond Move provides residential sales and lettings services, and is known for its comprehensive local knowledge.

Crime rate

According to Crimerate, Hounslow ranks among the top 20 boroughs in London with the highest crime rates. The total crime rate for the borough in 2022 was 88 crimes per 1,000 residents. However, this was still 8% lower than the overall crime rate of London, which stood at 95 per 1,000 inhabitants. In the broader context of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, Hounslow is considered one of the top 20 safest cities and ranks as the 1,116th most dangerous among all towns, cities, and villages.

Violent and sexual offences were the most prevalent types of crimes reported in Hounslow, with a total of 8,484 cases in 2022. This equates to a crime rate of 31, showing a slight increase of 1.8% from the 2021 figure of 8,330 offences, and a marginal rise of 0.57 in the crime rate from the previous year. On the other hand, offences involving weapon possession were the least common in Hounslow, with 122 cases recorded in 2022, marking a decrease of 4.7% from the 2021 figure of 128 crimes.

Hounslow council tax

The Council Tax band in Hounslow, as with all local authorities in the UK, depends on the value of the property. Each dwelling is allocated to one of eight bands (A to H) based on its assumed capital value.


Best Hounslow areas to live

What are the safest, clean and quiet Hounslow areas where you can move to?

While all areas have their own unique characteristics, the following two neighbourhoods within the Borough of Hounslow are often considered to be particularly safe, clean, and quiet, making them highly desirable places to live:

Chiswick: Situated on the border of Hounslow, Chiswick is a highly desirable area known for its village-like atmosphere, green spaces, and picturesque riverside views. It boasts high-quality restaurants, boutiques, and excellent schools, which along with its quiet, leafy streets, make it an attractive place to live. It is also one of the safer and cleaner areas within the borough.

Isleworth: Often praised for its community feel and tranquillity, Isleworth is a charming and relatively quiet area with historical links to the arts. It offers a good mix of properties, beautiful views of the River Thames, and close proximity to green spaces like Syon Park and Osterley Park.

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