Walthamstow removal services are cheaper and preferred by most local residents. Book A Mover can connect you with 4 or 5 Walthamstow-based moving firms to choose from. Compare prices and services and hire the one that suits your budget and needs the most.

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Why Use Walthamstow Removals?

No list of things to hire and do, simply hire a local moving company to do it for you.

Heavy Furniture: Moving big appliances like fridges and washing machines and furniture like wardrobes and beds require strength, planning and at least one big van. If you hire professional moving help, you do not need to worry about any of this. The movers will bring all the equipment needed and a big enough vehicle to fit everything from your home.

Time Restriction: If you are selling your home in Walthamstow and you need to be out by 12 p.m., doing the move by yourself will be practically impossible. This is why many people use local moving services to avoid paying penalties and having a very stressful day.

Packing Services: Let professional packers do it for you. This will save you time and even money. Taking 2-3 days off work to do the packing will cost you more, compared to the prices you will pay for a packing service. Based on the data we have collected from our removal partners if you earn £15 or more per hour and you have at least 60 boxes to pack, paying a local Walthamstow removal company to pack for you will save you a minimum of £40.

You don`t drive and there is no one to help: This is self-explanatory. If you can get a van, simply submit your request and we will get a few local Harrow companies to contact you and offer their help and prices.

You have a piano or expensive artwork: Moving expensive items (or expensive and heavy items like pianos) will require specialized moving help. The removal men will bring special equipment and protective materials. Many companies also provide wooden crates for delicate artwork, which will be hard for you to find or make by yourself.

Moving into storage: Let a moving company wrap and move your household belongings into storage. It is worth paying for removals and storage services.

Compare Walthamstow Removals

Walthamstow Removals Booking Process

What is the process of comparing Walthamstow removals to find the most suitable firm?

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What Are The Costs To Hire Help?

The average price using Walthamstow removal services is £518.

Around 84% of the submitted requests in Walthamstow are residential. Using a house removal firm based in the Walthamstow area could be cheaper, compared to a nationwide relocation business. Smaller-scaled removal businesses have fewer expenses and they can offer better prices.

The quotations you will receive from the companies we send your details will depend on factors like property size, distance to travel, services required and even your moving date.

  • Residential Moving Requests84%84%
  • Commercial Moving Requests16%16%

There are two main types of pricing when it comes to removals. Flat rate quotes are given after an on-site or video survey, where the removal specialist will have the chance to see the items going, the parking access and any property difficulties which might slow the removal company. Fixed-rate prices are preferred when moving out of a bigger property, while the hourly rates are for small local Leeds moves.

PropertyServicesAverage Price
1 bedroommoving only locally£265
2 bedroomsmoving only locally£438
3 bedroomsmoving only locally£756

How To Reduce The Price?

If your moving budget is limited there certain things you can do to lower the price.


Decluttering before moving is a cost-effective strategy. It reduces the volume of items to be moved, potentially leading to smaller trucks and fewer trips, saving on transportation costs. It also cuts down on packing materials and labor expenses since you have fewer items to handle.

Do The Packing

Opting to pack your belongings yourself can significantly reduce moving expenses. While professional packing services can be convenient, they come at a cost. Packing your items with care and using free or low-cost packing materials can save you money. Be sure to start packing well in advance to avoid the need for last-minute assistance, and label your boxes clearly to streamline the unloading process at your new home.

Off-Peak Season Move

Opting for a move in the off-peak season, like fall or winter, can yield big savings. Moving companies tend to have lower rates due to decreased demand. This choice provides flexibility in booking your preferred mover and increases your chances of negotiating discounts. This can lead to substantial savings compared to the pricier summer months.

Where To Move In Walthamstow?

Some people like it for the parks, others prefer the easy commute.

Walthamstow, a vibrant area in East London, was known for several popular neighbourhoods and areas where people preferred to live. Two of the most popular areas in Walthamstow were:

  • Walthamstow Village: Walthamstow Village is a charming and historic part of Walthamstow known for its picturesque streets, period architecture, and village-like atmosphere. It’s highly sought after for its character and sense of community. The area is home to independent shops, cafes, and restaurants, making it a desirable place for those looking for a more relaxed and traditional neighborhood feel.

  • Lloyd Park: The Lloyd Park area is another attractive part of Walthamstow, known for its proximity to the beautiful Lloyd Park itself. This area offers a mix of housing options, including Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses, making it appealing to families and professionals alike. The park is a significant draw, providing a green space for recreation and relaxation.

What is the most searched service in Walthamstow?

In recent years, the most sought-after moving services in Walthamstow have overwhelmingly been Man and van options, reflecting a growing trend of downsizing and budget-conscious moving decisions among residents. This affordable and flexible service has become the top choice for those seeking cost-effective and efficient relocation solutions in the area.

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