Piano moving is a specialized task that requires skill, experience, and the proper equipment. Compare local piano movers to find the most trusted and affordable service with Book A Mover.

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Using Piano Movers Benefits

How using professional help to move a piano can be beneficial?

Considering the complex nature of moving a piano, the role of professional piano movers cannot be overstated. Their expertise and specialized equipment ensure that your piano is moved safely, efficiently, and with minimal risk to the instrument and its surroundings.

Professional piano movers understand the instrument’s structure and components. They have the necessary skills to dismantle parts of the piano if required, pack them safely, and reassemble them at the new location, ensuring the instrument’s integrity and sound quality are maintained.

Using professional services also significantly reduces the risk of personal injury. Trying to lift or move a heavy piano without the proper training can lead to severe consequences, including back injuries, sprains, or even broken bones.

Finally, professional piano movers often offer insurance, providing peace of mind that your valuable instrument will be covered financially in case of an unfortunate event during the move.

Piano Movers Costs

How much costs to hire professional piano moving company?

The average cost of moving a piano in the UK can range significantly depending on several factors. For a general idea, you might expect to pay between £180-£300 for a local move (within the same town or city). For longer-distance moves, or for more complex jobs (such as moving a grand piano), the costs can rise significantly, often reaching into the £500-£1,000 range or more.

What are the main factors that contribute to the final piano moving costs?

  • Type of Piano: Upright pianos are usually lighter and easier to manoeuvre than grand pianos, which tend to be heavier and more unwieldy. Therefore, moving a grand piano would typically cost more than moving an upright piano.
  • Distance of the Move: Moving a piano within the same city will usually be cheaper than moving it across the country or internationally. The further the distance, the higher the cost.
  • Difficulty of the Move: If your piano needs to be moved up or down stairs, through narrow doorways or corridors, or there are other complex factors involved (like using a crane to hoist it out of a window), this will likely increase the cost.
  • Insurance: If you choose to take out additional insurance to protect your piano during the move, this will also add to the overall cost. Some piano movers include a certain level of insurance in their base price, but if you have a particularly valuable piano, you might want to consider extra coverage.
  • Additional Services: Moving the piano could be part of your house move. Most house moving companies in the UK offer piano removals too, but ask them for recommendations from previous customers, to prove they understand the process of moving a piano.

Choosing Specialists Removals

What are the main criteria when hiring professionals?

When comparing piano moving quotes, several crucial factors should be considered to ensure you’re getting the best service at a reasonable price. Here are some important aspects to consider:

  • Price: Look at the overall cost and ensure it fits within your budget. But remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best one.
  • Included Services: Check what services are included in the quoted price. This could include packing and unpacking the piano, dismantling and reassembling (if necessary), door-to-door transport, and insurance coverage.
  • Additional Costs: Look out for any potential additional costs that might not be included in the initial quote, such as extra fees for stairs, long-distance moving, or services like tuning the piano after the move.
  • Insurance: Check what type and level of insurance is provided. This should cover both damage to the piano and any potential damage to your property during the move.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Check online reviews and ask for recommendations. Feedback from previous customers can provide valuable insight into the company’s reliability and quality of service.
  • Company’s Equipment: Ensure the moving company has the necessary equipment to safely move your piano. This could include dollies, straps, padding, and sometimes even cranes or tail lifts.
  • Communication: Pay attention to the company’s communication with you. They should be responsive, professional, and willing to answer any questions you have.

Remember, moving a piano is a specialized moving job. It’s important to choose a company that not only offers a competitive price but also has the expertise and equipment to ensure your piano is moved safely and securely.

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How many people are needed to move a rand piano?

To safely move a grand piano, at least three to four experienced movers are typically needed. The exact number can vary based on the piano’s size and the complexity of the move, such as navigating stairs or narrow spaces. Movers should be knowledgeable in dismantling and reassembling the piano parts. Always engage a professional piano moving service to handle such a delicate instrument.

Is it OK to move a piano by yourself?

Attempting to move a piano by yourself is generally not advised due to the instrument’s size, weight, and delicacy. Inappropriate handling can damage the piano and potentially lead to costly repairs. Additionally, trying to move such a heavy object without proper training and equipment can pose a significant risk of personal injury. It’s always recommended to use professional piano movers to ensure a safe and secure transition.