Moving house is an important part of our life. Sometimes this can be very stressful. Finding a reliable local removal company can be daunting and challenging. It is important as they will move your expensive TV or bed and you don`t want them to scratch or damage your furniture. Once you found a trusted removal company you need to start getting ready for the moving day. Here are 10 things you need to prepare before the movers arrive:

  1. Declutter your belongings, so you have less to move.
  2. If you are packing yourself label all boxes and create a map or plan where everything is going to go
  3. Organize the parking at your old property
  4. Organize the parking at the new property
  5. If you have kids, the best will be leave them at your relatives for the day
  6. If you have pets like cats or dogs, find them a place where they can stay for the day and they are not on the movers way
  7. If you have fish tank, you will need to empty the water and put the fishes into special travel bags
  8. Prepare snacks , coffee and tea for the family and for the movers as this is a heavy long day job
  9. If you are doing after tenancy cleaning, speak with the removal company what is the approximate time of empting the property
  10. Speak with the neighbours to prepare them for any obstructions and noise caused by the movers